Echoes of Grief: A Poem Reflecting on the Tragic Nature of Death

This article is a stirring and emotional ode to the tragedy of death. The author weaves together poignant imagery and heart-rending symbolism to offer a moving meditation on the deep pain and sense of loss that comes with losing someone we love. Throughout the


Poem about death and its tragedy

Death is a tragedy that we all must face,

A finality that we cannot erase.

It sneaks up on us, without any warning,

Leaving our hearts forever mourning.

It takes away our loved ones, our friends,

Leaving us wondering when it will end.

We mourn, we weep, we try to cope,

But the pain never fades, it's a constant hope.

That someday we'll understand, why it's so,

Why death came and took our loved one away, oh why did it go?

Bolorunduro RUTH

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