1. Zealnut Wallet:
- Imagine your Zealnut Wallet as your online piggy bank.
- You fill it with money when you want to shop on Zealnut.
- This money can be used to buy special coins, get premium features, subscribe to cool stuff, buy products in the marketplace or pay your bills.
- You can also send money from your wallet to your Zealnut friends using just their username or email address without paying any extra fees.
- Whenever you need real money back, you can easily withdraw it from your wallet back to your bank account, and the process happens automatically.

2. Zealnut Coin:
- Zealnut Coins are like the gold coins in a video game, but in the Zealnut world.
- You can buy these coins and use them to reward others for their awesome content or achievements.
- Zealnut Coins are also your tickets to the entertainment world – you can buy books, rent movies and play games with them.
- The interesting part is, you can sell these coins if you ever want to turn them into actual cash.

3. Zealnut Earnings:
- Think of Zealnut Earnings as your paycheck from all the cool things you do on Zealnut.
- It's like a big jar where all the money you make – be it from selling items or earned coins gets collected.
- You can't withdraw the money whenever you want; there's a special time – the portal is only open between the 25th and 30th day of each month – when you can withdraw your earnings.
- The cool part is, the system automatically puts your earnings into this jar, so you don't have to worry about it.

So, in the world of Zealnut, you have different places to manage your money – one for spending, one for cool virtual coins, and one for all the money you earn. It's like having different sections in your wallet for different purposes!