About Zealnut Social

Zealnut's mission is simple; help the world create more success.

Founded in 2017, Zealnut invested several years in research and development, building a revolutionary search engine based social networking platform. Our company's focus is to organize and validate the world’s information, surrounding people and businesses, to create a trustworthy virtual economy. Ultimately creating a safer and more successful world.
Currently, people use Zealnut to manage all relationships, personal and business, seamlessly, but soon they will use Zealnut to conduct due diligence on individuals and entities from their activities. Zealnut also has a marketplace service aimed at providing seamless buying and selling of products and services among users and the world at large.
The combination of these services will enable the world to research, connect, validate, transact and collaborate with others, providing true end-to-end management for all types of relationships, personal and business. Creating a trusted global community to begin and maintain all relationships.




You have complete control of who sees your posts, with the convenience of sending a copy to your other social networks, and the ability to attach any type of media or file. You have just as much control over the news you see with built-in network, group, media, file and keyword filters.

All-In-One Profile

Your profile is a virtual resume, a news timeline, a photo gallery, a video gallery and a file gallery that is designed like a responsive website with loads of customization options to showcase you exactly how you want. All data is displayed based on its permission settings.


User Search

Inside Zealnut you can do quick searches for any user by name, job title, industry and keywords found within their profiles. Soon you will be able to search for businesses and entertainers with the launch of PAGES and advanced search tools are available with PRO

Zealnut Rewards

By simply using Zealnut, you can earn points that redeem for cash monthly. You'll earn points for engagement, creating popular content, and for your referrals to Webtalk. 

The cash rewards program is 100% free, and available worldwide. Restrictions may apply.


Affiliate Program

Join Zealnut's free affiliate program, where being social pays big. No matter if you're a Zealnut user, celebrity or professional marketer, Zealnut can help you generate a substantial amount of residual income by simply staying active and referring new users. it's FREE!


Pro premium features help the Zealnut users who want more ways to find and connect with other users. This service is great for dealmakers, entrepreneurs, recruiters, investors and even singles. It's the ultimate prospecting tool. Plus, annual subscriptions are 50% OFF for LIFE for a limited-time for all new members!