Problem Solving
Our usual life is full of problems, vital challenges and difficulties. Therefore, it is important to know the ways to solve them, the nature of their origin, their character and structure. A person who knows all these aspects gets a big chance to resolve them more quickly and effectively.
From a big amount of classifications, we can distinguish two of the most common kinds of problems according to their structure. There are basic and complex issues. Despite the differences between these issues, there are some common features in their solutions. This similarity can be seen in the same basic problem-solving steps – defining a problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating and selecting the most approachable alternative, implementing and following up on the solution.
Talking about the differences, we must say that their number is bigger. Resolving complex problem is a process much more complicated at each stage. It is harder to describe a situation and to understand it because one possibly needs to make analyses of the situations over several years. Objectives and problems of the situation are often abstract. The solution process often needs to be extraordinary. It may be necessary to take several steps with many alternative routes. In addition, it is almost impossible to make a plan of the whole solution process immediately because of researching the details in order to find the best variant.
The last time I resolved both a complex and a difficult problem was when I had to increase the number of depositors in our bank. It was difficult to persuade our clients to put their money in savings because of their uncertainty in the stability of our solvency. Resolving this problem needed coping with multiple tasks, so it was a complex one too. We needed to increase confidence in our bank, to develop new marketing and financial concepts, to modify our system by making it more transparent and to inform our depositors about all these innovations. I used the problem-finding and problem-solving approach. After a detailed study of the problem and all its aspects, we passed all the steps to its rational and correct solution. Eventually we got the desired result so that this approach was effective.
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