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Naturally women will want a man that gives them absolute peace of mind in marriage and they will do anything to stay married to such man because such men are generally regarded as 'good men'

But that is not the case with this woman who asked a Saudi Arabia Court to resolve her marriage because her husband doesn't quarrel with her. 

According to Saudi publication Khaleej Times, the woman moved to a Shariah court in Fujairah in a bid to divorce her husband because he is too kind and his love is too much for her to bear.

The woman, who is a Gulf national, told the court the man never yelled at her or even turned her down in their year-long marriage life.

"I was choked by extreme love and affection. He even helped me clean the house. I long for one day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with gifts. I need a real discussion, even an argument, not this hassle-free life of obedience," she said.

Well, in his defense, the man said he has always wished for a happy marriage that will give him the chance to be a good and kind husband. "I wish to be a perfect and kind husband," he said.

He went ahead to plead with the court to advise his wife to withdraw the case: "It is not fair to judge a marriage from the first year, and everybody learns from their mistakes," he pleaded.

The gods of kindness smiled on him as the court ordered the adjournment of the case to give the couple a chance at reconciliation.

The question is, since when does being nice a crime to women?