How does Zealnut work?

Zealnut is a social network platform that aims to bridge the gap between the entertainment and the financial world of its users. Zealnut is the only platform in Africa where you can perform regular social network activities and still make money it.

How does Zealnut point system work?

Zealnut point system is the primary reward system that provides point reward for some of the activities performed on the platform. Zealnut members get to earn points when they perform activities like commenting, reacting to a post or making a post.

How much point can I earn daily

At the moment, Zealnut offers its premium users 2000 points daily but this can be subject to change in future due to various factors.

Can I convert my points to real money and cash it into my bank account?

Yes, all points can be converted to real cash and withdrawn into your account through paytelex wallet. All members must have an account with paytelex in other to cashout on Zealnut.

When can I cashout my points?

Cashout is only available twice a month for premium members who have met the cashout conditions and payment commence on the following Monday. Cashout that do not meet Zealnut cashout conditions will be rejected and points will not be refunded.

What are Zealnut cashout conditions?

Members who intend to make money through our point system must meet the conditions stated in this page (CASHOUT INSTRUCTIONS). Kindly read through carefully.

How does Premium subscriptions work?

Zealnut premium subscriptions gives you access to use our daily point system that can earn you a steady income weekly. To subscribe, you need to make a transfer of the subscription amount to the provided bank details and apply for an account upgrade while providing the debit alert you received as evidence of payment.

When you subscribe to another user, that user\'s profile will be listed in your subscriptions page. This also applies to subscribing to other users activities such as blogs etc.

How can I upload a primary photo

Go to Account at the top right corner then click on Profile. You will be able to select a profile picture and an header image from your computer/phone. Uploading your profile picture allows more users to interact with you.

How can I edit my profile?

Go to Account at the top right corner then click on Profile. You will be able to edit your profile details such as Headline, Description, Gender etc.

How can I send a private message to a user?

Sending a message is relatively easy, you simply need to click on the Chat icon at the top menu, type in the name of the person you will like to send a private message to and type in your message.

A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?

If a member of the site is harassing you, Ignore or block that user. If the problem progresses you should contact the site administrator.

Why was my account terminated/banned?

We strictly enforce our Terms Of Service and make every effort possible to make sure all users are following them. Your account may have been terminated or banned due to a breach in the Terms Of Service (aka TOS). If you felt that your account was terminated/banned for no probable reason, we ask that you contact the site administrator.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing your password. Try typing your password with CAPS LOCK off. If this fails, you can request a password that will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.