Cash Out

If you're reading this then it means you're either close to meeting the cash out figure or you're simply looking for more information on the topic. Which ever one it is, we will do our best to explain this guidelines as vividly as possible so that there won't be any confusion when you make your cash out request.
As you probably already know, the Zealnut community is not a get rich quickly scheme or some kind of ponzi scheme that tells you to bring some certain amount of money and get double in a few days.

Zealnut is a social network community and the reward system is only an incentive created to encourage our users and also to support them.
Therefore, there are a few rules that serves as guidelines for cash out requests on Zealnut and they are as follow.

1. Cash out request can only be pushed twice in one month and this is subject to the fact that you have met the conditions below.
1.1 That you are a premium member of Zealnut. This can be any of the premium plans.
1.2 That you have also referred at least one person to the platform during the duration of your one month premium plan, two people if you're on a 2 months premium plan and three (3) people if you're on a 3 months premium plan and he/she (your referral) has also upgraded to a premium membership status.
1.3 That you have up to the minimum withdrawal points as stated in the withdrawal page

2. As you probably have been informed, Zealnut is currently collaborating with PayTelex to bring better services to our members so making a withdrawal on Zealnut is now linked to PayTelex. Kindly follow the steps below to set up your PayTelex wallet and transfer your Zealnut balance into your PayTelex wallet where you can then withdraw it, send it to people, buy recharge voucher with it or do whatever you like with your wallet balance.
2.1. Create a new PayTelex account by visiting and check your email for an OTP code that will be sent to you. You will use this code to verify your account before it is fully set up.
2.2 Now you can proceed to point withdrawal page on Zealnut and withdraw your point to your PayTelex wallet using the email account you used in registering your PayTelex account.

You do not need to input any account details before you can withdraw your points anymore. Just input your PayTelex email address and your payment will be sent to your PayTelex wallet.
Finally, remember to cross check your email address carefully in case of any error and make sure you meet all the conditions above before you make a cash out request.

If one or more of the conditions above is not met and you still proceeded to make a cash out request, your cash out request will be rejected and the points will not be refunded to your account. Thank you for using Zealnut.
We hope to see as many cash out as possible from you soon.