Man Got Robbed Of Over $600,000 In Jewelry By A Woman She Met On Same Night

Woman allegedly drugged a Miami man she had just met and stole more than $600,000 in jewelry off of him, including two Rolex watches. The police are asking for the publics help in identifying her.

A scantily dressed woman took off with more than $600,000 in jewelry — including two Rolex watches — after she allegedly drugged a #Miami man she had just met, police said.

After meeting the man at The Dirty Rabbit bar in Wynwood on May 8, the unidentified woman was invited back to his pad around 5:30 a.m., where she drugged his drink, police said.

The suspect’s unidentified date quickly passed out after having one drink with the suspect, who authorities believe is in her mid-30s.

The man called police after he woke up around noon and found his safe open and his jewelry gone — as was the woman.

Among the pricey items she swiped were a Rolex Daytona Rainbow with diamonds and a Sky-Dweller Rolex.

Other high-priced bling she is accused of stealing include a gold chain, Franco Gold bracelets, Cartier sunglasses and a rose gold diamond ring, police said.

Miami Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspect. ??


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