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it hurts me that i dont take offence at things am supposed to get mad at

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Do you know the difference between having a crush on someone and loving someone for real? Well, Dr. Love let’s you know the clear difference between the two.

1. In a crush you will be attracted to someone because of one or two things; that person’s smile, eyes, height, ass, boobs, abs, fame, physique, voice. But love will make you attracted to the person as a whole package, them as a person.

2. In a crush you will be under duress to impress, you will put only your best foot forward, show a “perfect” you, you will wear clothes you don’t wear, do things you don’t do, go to any length to impress even tell lies. But love will allow you to be you approaching the person as you are saying “This is who I am, take it or leave it”

3. In a crush you will talk about sweet nothings, matters of the surface. But love will give you two a chance to talk about real things, go deep, find true intimacy.

4. In a crush you will hurry because you are lost in the excitement of now. But love will keep cool, take time, build, grow from one simple stage to the next, brick by brick; love plans a future it doesn’t rush to it.

5. In a crush you will feel “It’s us against the world”, you will forget the other people in your life and focus on just each other, it will choke your social life. But love brings you two closer and also retains the closeness of your other relationships, love wins over your friends and family to support you two.

6. A crush says “If you love me have sex with me”. But love respects sex, gives sex its matured respect, doesn’t use sex for manipulation or use sex to prove the existence of love.

7. In a crush you get scared at the thought of a disagreement between you two, you avoid a confrontation. But love appreciates that there will be times you two won’t agree, times you might argue or have friction between you two but that doesn’t mean what you two have is coming to an end; you correct and critic each other to be better.

8. In a crush you want to run and tell people about what you two do, you kiss and tell. But love keeps private things between you two, it makes you tell each other things no one should hear.

9. In a crush you become easily jealous and insecure when the person you have a crush on takes long to reply your messages, when the person becomes unreachable for a while you panic and become insecure, you see everyone as a threat. But love makes you secure, peaceful and safe; love brings about trust.

10. A crush doesn’t last, soon its excitement fades, the feelings reach a high and fizzle out and you are on to the next thrilling crush. But love lasts, because it is not based on feelings alone but connection, chemistry, responsibility to each other, sincerity, understanding, companionship and loyalty.

Don’t commit to someone or marry someone because you have a crush on the person; but because of love!

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Barcelona players will have their names at the back of their jersey written in Chinese during their El Classico clash against Real Madrid on Wednesday.

Report say the idea which sees a break from traditional is in celebration of the Chinese New Year. It is also in preparation for when Barcelona visit Asia to meet with fans in Japan and China.

It is however not certain if Lionel Messi will have his name written in Chinese because he’s not sure to feature in the El Classico game.

Though Barcelona has named him in their squad for the semi-final first leg, they will have to “wait until the last moment” to decide if he takes to the field.

“It is true that sometimes we have had doubts with players and we have waited until the last moment,” said manager Ernesto Valverde.

“It’s the same with Messi.”


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Bollywood actor and Arsenal fan Esha Gupta has written an apology letter to the Nigerian winger Alex Iwobi.

The Bollywood star came under severe criticism from all quarters after sharing a racist remark directed towards Iwobi on her Instagram account.

Esha Gupta quickly deleted the post but her followers had been quick to take a screenshot of it.

She did post a hastily written apology but that too fell on deaf years as Twitter users and Arsenal fans continued to slam her.

In her letter to Iwobi, a Nigerian international, Esha Gupta wrote: “I am extremely sorry for my ignorant action last Friday. Being an ardent fan of many years, I was deeply engrossed and caught up in the game.”

She said she “clearly did not realise the racial undertone” from her friend’s message, which she had shared on Instagram last week.

“For this, I am deeply regretful. I cannot begin to imagine how much I have hurt your sentiments.

‘’Racism has absolutely no place in my heart, and I promise you, for whatever its worth, going forward this will never happen again,” she said.

Esha Gupta also wished Iwobi forgives her for her “careless action”.

She even penned a letter to Arsenal FC, wherein she wrote: “I hope the club can accept my humblest apology and give me the opportunity to make amends. I promise to be very responsible from here on.”

On January 28, social media was abuzz over a snapshot of a Whatsapp conversation that Esha shared on her Instagram stories.

The conversation criticised Iwobi for his performance after a Premier League match.

In the conversation, Esha’s friend called Iwobi a “gorilla” and said that “evolution stopped for him”.

He even said that the footballer did not change from “neanderthal to man”.

To that, Esha Gupta laughed and replied: “Haha… I don’t know why they don’t bench him more.”

She quickly deleted the image from her profile when she realised her mistake, but the screenshot had already gone viral.

This did not go down well with some users, who slammed her for her “ignorance” and called her out for being racist despite having claimed she herself has been a victim in the past.


Source: NL

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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino would be the “right guy” for Manchester United if they do not appoint Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, says Wayne Rooney.

Pochettino has been strongly linked with the permanent job at Old Trafford.

Rooney’s ex-United team-mate Solskjaer became caretaker boss in December and is unbeaten after 10 games in charge.

“It’d be nice to see Ole Gunnar continue with this form and get a shot at the job on a permanent basis,” Rooney told CNN.

“But if not, if the club go to choose from somewhere else, then I think Pochettino would be the right guy,” added United’s all-time leading goalscorer.


Source: NL

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Spain and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to marry TV presenter girlfriend Pilar Rubio in star-studded ceremony in Seville

Spain and Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos who got engaged to his long-term girlfriend, TV presenter Pilar Rubio last year, has set a date for their wedding.


The couple made the announcement on Antena 3 show El Hormiguero, a Spanish TV programme, where his pretty wife works. They also revealed the star-studded ceremony will take place on June 15 in Seville.


Ramos said: 'We've decided to get married in Seville because we've been in Madrid for so long now, it means there'll be less people. It's going to be a special wedding because we're special.'

Spain and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to marry TV presenter girlfriend Pilar Rubio in star-studded ceremony in Seville

He added: 'It's a very special moment for us after being together for so long and forming such a fantastic family with three little ones who fill our lives with passion.

'We felt it was the ideal moment and we wanted our children to enjoy it because when they were younger it's not something they would understand so much.'

Ramos and Rubio, who have been together since 2012 have three children together.

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Kardashian sisters win comestic lawsuit, set to receive $10 million dollars

The sisters sure know means to get richer by the day.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are said to be currently celebrating after clinching $10 million in a legal war over a cosmetics line.

According to TMZ, the sisters emerged victorious over Hillair Capital Management which had sued them in 2016.

Hillair claimed the sisters didn't hold up their end of a licensing deal ... after it sunk $10 million into a "Kardashian Beauty" line with Haven.

The Kardashian sisters however denied their claims, insisting they had nothing to do with "Kardashian Beauty" -- and the case ended up in arbitration.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, a 3 judge panel completely rejected Hillair's claims and ordered the company to pay Kim, Kourtney and Khloe nearly $7.4 mil. Plus an additional $3.2 million in interest.

The Kardashians have filed the arbitration decision in L.A. Superior Court to get the $10 mil award locked in, but their lawyers expect Hillair to challenge the decision in court.


Source: LIB

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Cardi B reveals why she is working things out with Offset, says she plans to have more kids

Rapper, and estranged husband Offset have been spotted together recently and it seems the pair are working on getiing back together.

In a recent interview with Good morning America, Cardi talked about how it is important that she fixes the issues she has with the Migos rapper since they have a daughter together.

“I feel we're going to be all right,” she said. “You know, got to take it slow.”

Cardi stated that despite having a chance to date other famous men who have already asked her out after she announced their breakup last year, she is willing to resolve things with Offset

 '' a whole lot of people was telling me like, ‘Oh, you could date, you could find another man.’” She continued, “And it's like, I can. I could find anybody I want… I just feel like, you know, it's really hard to date when you're famous.” she said

''Soon as I said I did a video that I’m not with this guy anymore I got all these male celebs in my DMs, like, ‘Yeah, let’s go to dinner. I’m in LA. You wanna go to dinner with me? Cardi B?”

"You don't know nowadays who want you for you," she said. "Sometimes I feeling people want me for Cardi B."

“I just feel like, it’s not as easy as people think.”

Cardi also stated that her parents separated when she was 13, so she believes it’s “important” to have “two parents… at your household.”

Regardless, she plans on having more kids, though she admits that it’s difficult to balance work and motherhood.

“It's like certain things I just miss,” she said, “But it's like I just think to myself ... her future's going to be so secure… Like, oh my gosh, she can have a Lambo when she's, like, 18.”

“But right now, I got to be in my grind," she continued. "I'm going to have more kids.”


Source: LIB

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Protective girlfriend comes up with an interesting way to prevent girls from flirting with her boyfriend

A woman has come up with an interesting and hilarious way to make women stay away from her boyfriend.


Holly Cockerill, 24, made a T-shirt for boyfriend Karl Hennan with her face on it and some words for women who might have the intention of flirting with him.  She went on to share photos of him wearing the T-shirt on Twitter.


Protective girlfriend comes up with an interesting way to prevent girls from flirting with her boyfriend


On the T-shirt he had on, was a warning to other women, which reads:

If your reading this you've been looking at my man for too long. And this is how I'd be looking at you if I was here. Hi I'm Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!



Protective girlfriend comes up with an interesting way to prevent girls from flirting with her boyfriend


Holly's caption for the photo reads:


Don’t think Karl likes his new top I got him for his birthday x wear it with pride hun x.


Holly's tweet has gone viral with a lot of Twitter users finding it really funny.

Karl, understood to be a sales executive, even replied to the tweet, writing:


babe I really don't wanna wear this stupid f****** top tonight can I take the thing off?


And Holly jokingly replied:


No you best keep it on at all times, even around ya family you little b****.


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