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Adewale Olumide Kelvin

I'm that guy you thought you knew then it turned out you know nothing about him. I'm a pretty simple person and definitely approachable. 

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Fashion Styling, Car Racing, Writing, Relaxing, Watching Football, Blogging, Video Games, Driving, Comedy, Creative Writing
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Football (Arsenal Fan)
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People aren't just rioting because of George Floyd, they riot against a system which has failed them. 

He was the last straw.

If members don't stop making unnecessary posts, we will be forced to implement only featured post on timeline and many of your unnecessary posts will not appear for anyone to see. Only the ones we feature. 

We are only going to say this once and that's it. 

Only God can explain what actually happened in the garden of Eden.
What if Adam ate the fruit weeks before Eve did and he was pretending...
After all, it's our way. 😉

Welcome to Ondo state, Nigeria. Where shit happens! 

This is the funniest video I have seen this week. 😂 😂 😂 


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Anytime I allow myself the luxury of writing about Cele girls like I did in my last post, I just remember Dele my friend from way back. Dele had this babe who is a proper Cele member. When I say proper Cele I mean she can dance and her ass will catch your attention even inside the sutana.

We had this four bedroom flat temporarily inherited by us from Dele's bros whose family were abroad. That Saturday, Dele's babe was around. She's one of those women with follow come loud ringtone. Usually we don't get to be disturbed but because of heat, some of us came to pass the night in the sitting room this particular Saturday night. I'd swear on it that some of us kept vigil overnight that day.

The following morning she left early to prepare for church. By 10am or thereabouts when guys were just figuring out what the day would look like, Dele received a call from his babe's phone. It was her bestie. Girl has gone into spirit in the church. Many highly placed men were coming to find out what she saw about them. Dele needed to come. He was even encouraged to bring us 😂 😂 😂

Dele swore he'd never take someone madly moaning under him last night now possessed by some kind of holy spirit in the morning seriously. We shared his sentiments.

It was later we found out the babe also reported herself for fornicating the previous night before coming to church while also in the spirit.

Since then I developed phobia for em girls. I just admire their ass and run away. You could be in the room trying to shag a Cele babe and the TV or radio station randomly plays a soulful song... Next thing you know, the half clad horny bitch in front of you is in full prophetess mode. 😂 😂 😂

God forbid bad thing

Watchout for giveaway tomorrow

2000 naira for two members

One premium and one standard

I sold a fridge worth 120k for you at 35k and you are complaining that the fridge is shocking you 😳😳

The price no shock you! Ungrateful fellow.

A picture without sound can speak a thousand words. Just like this beautiful woman and her kids, life is only what you make of it. You think you can't afford to smile just because you're poor but look at them... Are you as poor as this? 

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