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Young M.A might have been okay with being called a lesbian before, but the rapper no longer wants to be labeled.

The “Ooouuu” rapper has been doing some press lately to promote her upcoming album’ Herstory In The Making’. She stopped by Hollywood Unlocked to discuss her career with Jason Lee and the team. She discussed several topics including the possibility of starring in the remake of the iconic movie “Set It Off,” her beef with Kodak Black as well as her past relationship and sexual orientation.

When Lee said, “You’re a lesbian,” hoping to have the label confirmed, the rapper responded, “No, I’m just Young M.A.” Lee then asked, “But you wouldn’t date a guy?” to which M.A replied, “Absolutely not. That’s it. I just wouldn’t date a guy.” On the topic of labels, the rapper said, “Nah bro, I don’t like that. At first, I thought it was like — cause everybody said it but now I’m like – I’m just Young M.A man. I just don’t date dudes. I love women.”


The rapper went on to say that she is not a fan of the “female rapper” concept either and prefers just to be referred to as Young M.A, an artiste.

The Brooklyn rapper publicly dated Instagram model Tori Brixx last year. They started seeing each other in October 2016, but the relationship seemed to have gone sour some time in 2018 without anyone noticing. It wasn’t until Brixx popped up with rapper Rich The Kid that people realized that she was no longer with Young M.A. In the interview with Jason Lee, M.A denied that cheating on her ex-girlfriend was what caused the romantic union to end.

Young M.A talked abut being an openly-gay rapper in an earlier interview with Hot 97 in 2017. According to the rapper, she’s heard that she’s an inspiration to fans of every sexual orientation. “Not even from just gay people; from straight people,” she said. “Regular people just be like, ‘yo, you inspire me, I don’t even care about your sexual preference.'” Now that the New York rapper no longer wants to be labeled a lesbian, will some members of the LGBTQ+ community question it or be all for it?

For those who rocked their childhood in the 70s, 80s and 90s. How can we ever forget those good old days?

where i spent most of my "growing up" life there and I am very proud of my humble beginnings .. a time when everyone treated each other like family, We went outside to play in the streets, played emababa 😂😂 and climbed trees. We didn't eat fast food ....we ate Groundnuts, Kulikuli, Puff Puff, Buns, agidi jollof with biscuit bone, choco milo sweets, Nasco or cabin biscuits and home made food and we got ice cream from the ice-cream man tied in a polythene bag. We played ten-ten, Suwe, game boy, hide and seek(bojo bojo), street football, tinkutinku little star, table soccer, kite, koso, open kolo, mama n papa, in and out police and thief, Pepsi Pepsi cola, etc. And then enjoyed visiting our neighbors, Families and friends.

There was no bottled water , we drank water from the tap or bought Ice-water tied in a polythene bag, if we had a drink, we would share the same bottle of juice...after giving it a wipe with our mucky sleeves, We had analog tv, that can be open sideways like a wardrobe, only to be switched on at 4pm on weekdays and 10am on weekends; we ride our tyres, boris cart, or spoke wheel or played in the rain for hours. There was no such thing as a mobile phone or any other electronic device . We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING (except maybe the Nurse's injection, the Teachers at school and our parents ) If someone had a fight, that's what it was...a fist fight. Kids didn't have guns or knives, we played cowboys & crooks. The street lights were your curfew or until your Mom shouted out the window. School was mandatory, The days of going to school in groups just so we can gist, slab(walk) from our home to school, some cases 5 - 10 kilometers and buy dankuwa, Gudygudy and condense milk, babadudu with our pocket money. Ultimate power, and willi willi was our horror movie and nta channel 5 and BTV was our cartoon network. tales of Kidnapper (gbomogbomo) scare everywhere and mom would warn us not to collect sweet from a stranger if u don't want to turn to a tuber of yam, LOL, We would NOT disrespect our elders because we knew we'd get an ass whooping, with old rough palm ushering a befitting slap, not forgetting the popular brown cane invisibly hidden in every corner of the house. Inter-house suwe was superb during our time. How can I forget the endless stories of the wise tortoise, moonlight stories from our elders. I read so many interesting, motivation and inspiring books like, " the gods are not to blame, things fall apart, an African night entertainment, cheer up brother, Eze goes to school, primary 1-6 Readers, Agbo malaka live it the town of lagoon which is not far from Ibadan, Edet, simbi, etc. Our notebook was printed by ONWARD, but we had our own definition of ONWARD BIG EXERCISE (Olo Na Witch After Reading Devil Bible In Ghana, Eze times Eze, Rice Costumer Is Selling Eba) Wow, my childhood rock.

Edit and share if you're proud that you came from a close knit community and you will never forget where you came from! I'm a proud Nigerian man born in Ondo state.

So tell me the life style of those days and the one of this days which one is more beautiful and free ?

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Despite joining on a season-long loan deal, Dani Ceballos is said to see his future at Real Madrid.

According to a report from Marca, the Spaniard joined the Gunners with a view to proving himself to Zinedine Zidane at Madrid.

The pair have not always seen eye-to-eye in Spain, but the midfielder wants to prove himself at the Bernabeu. After his impressive start in London, do the club have any realistic chance of signing the midfielder permanently?


It would be a huge coup for Arsenal if they could get a permanent deal over the line next summer, but there are a few things they’ll need to do first.

Finishing in the top four will have to be considered as a must. A player of his quality will be demanding Champions League football on a regular basis if he is to move on from the Spanish giants.

Secondly, Arsenal must find a clear place for him in the squad. He has been in and out of the starting XI since joining, but Unai Emery must sell him the dream.

The one factor that works in Arsenal’s favour is his unhappiness about his time with Real. Things have not worked out the way he would’ve hoped so far and his relationship with Zidane was not always the best.

If Emery can give Ceballos a long-term position in this Arsenal side and get him enjoying his football once again, there could be an opportunity for the Gunners, however unlikely it may seem.

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Most drivers and non drivers dont know the reason an engine is called v6,v8 or v12
A V6 engine, often just called a V6, is an internal combustion engine with six cylinders. The engine has three cylinders on each side called banks. The two banks form a "V" shaped angle. In most engines, the two banks are at a right angle (90°) or less to each other. All six pistons turn a common crankshaft. It is the second most common engine design in modern cars after the inline four.

It can be powered by different types of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and alcohol. Yes alcohol

The V6 is a very compact engine design. It is shorter than the straight-4.

Many V6 engines are narrower than the V8 engine. They work well and are well suited to the popular transverse engine front-wheel drive cars. It has largely replaced the inline-6, which is too long to fit in many modern cars.

It is more complicated and not as smooth as the inline-6. The V6 is more compact, and more rigid, but also more prone to vibrations. It is also becoming a high performance engine.

It has high power and torque output like the classic V8, but has good fuel economy.

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HARARE, Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe, the former leader of Zimbabwe forced to resign in 2017 after a 37-year rule whose early promise was eroded by economic turmoil, disputed elections and human rights violations, has died. He was 95.


His successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa confirmed Mugabe’s death in a tweet Friday, mourning him as an "icon of liberation." He did not provide details.

Mugabe, who took power after white minority rule ended in 1980, blamed Zimbabwe's economic problems on international sanctions and once said he wanted to rule for life. But growing discontent about the southern African country's fractured leadership and other problems prompted a military intervention, impeachment proceedings by the parliament and large street demonstrations for his removal.


On Feb. 21, 2018, Mugabe marked his first birthday since his resignation in near solitude, far from the lavish affair of past years. While the government that removed him with military assistance had declared his birthday as a national holiday, his successor and former deputy Mnangagwa did not mention him in a televised speech on the day.

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Empire director, Brett Mahoney has revealed how the final season will explain actor Jussie Smollett's exit.

In June, co-creator Lee Daniels confirmed that Smollett definitely wouldn't be returning to the show, following accusations that he staged a racist and homophobic attack on himself. The actor has continued to deny that it was staged.

Smollett left the Fox series with two episodes of season five still remaining, and the show explained his character Jamal Lyon's absence by stating that he had gone on his honeymoon with husband Kai.


Speaking to TVLine ahead of the final season, Mahoney has now clarified that the newlyweds will remain on their honeymoon for the remainder of the show.

"Jamal is taking a sabbatical from the family," said Mahoney. "He doesn’t want to be caught up in Lyon family drama, which is very much in keeping with his point of view last season – that [the family business] should be something that the family moves away from."

An attack on one Nigerian is an attack on all Nigerians. But as angry and disappointed as we may be, the best way to go about this is not through violence.
If we decide to melt the same injustice that they melted on our people on them then we are not different from them.
The pain is understandable especially since it's coming from a country every single African bled for when they were in chains and shackles but WE ARE NIGERIANS, we remain their big brother no matter what so let's take things easy and warn them one more time.
Stop looting shoprite, don't hurt people that works there, they are not South Africans.
Stop burning mtn offices, it won't change anything, it will only increase the percentage of unemployment in the country.
We should be wise
Kelvin Adewale

Eat with your niggas but never compete with them. The hustle is against poverty not against friendship

Patrice Evra has warned Lionel Messi against having dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo after recalling his infamous lunch date with the Juventus star which eventually turned into a training session. 

It could be recurred that Ronaldo stylishly invited Messi to dinner during an interview session which both of them were present at the Champions league draw on Wednesday. 

Checkout Evra's tweet in pictures... 

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Almost everyone own a mobile phone nowadays and we have become heavily dependent on this portable small device made of plastic and glass.

Whether it is booking a cab or buying grocery items, watching a movie or checking awesome pics, mobile phones turned out to be a device that is more than just making calls and sending messages.

They bring a complete entertainment package and become an intrinsic part of modern life and culture. Mobile phones allow us the liberty to gather information, communicate, and socialize in an effortless way. Thanks to the highly advanced smartphone technology, it has become possible to have a huge amount of information at our fingertips. Quite naturally, when something wrong is detected in this useful device, it hampers the stability of our life and suddenly we become completely detached with everyone around us. Official, personal or educational, whatever the reason may be, one thing is sure that we can't stand leaving our phones for even a little while. When your prized device develops glitches, it becomes essential to find a mobile repair shop that can offer you a value-driven repairing service and make sure your phone remains in top-working order and gives you seamless service. It is really annoying experience for any mobile phone user to remain away from the device. But finding out a trustworthy and reliable mobile repairing store could be a challenging task. If you search on the internet, you will get suggestions of hundreds of companies claiming they offer the best mobile repair service. Picking out the most reliable one could be tricky. So, take a look at the 5 qualities you must spot in a mobile repair shop before hiring it.

1 CHECK THEIR EXPENSES: There are stores that have special expertise in fixing a particular brand. For example, few stores specialize in l repairing a particular brand's smartphones while others are efficient in fixing other brands. It's all about their efficiency and technical knowledge about dealing with the smartphone of a particular brand. Apart from this, there are shops that are capable of repairing mobile phones of all brands.
The sign of a reputed store is, it will have recognition from the smartphone company as the certified store for repairing their product.

2 SERVICE WARRANTY: A reliable mobile repairing center always offers a full 12 months warranty on their service.
Warranty on service is a sign that the highest possible standard has been maintained throughout the repairing procedure and the repairing company is quite confident about their service.

3 OEM QUALITY PARTS: Whether it is a broken screen, accidental damage or liquid damage, a trusted mobile repair shop will use OEM quality premium parts.
A top quality repairing company will assure their clients for genuine parts at the lowest price in comparison to other ordinary service providers.

4 QUICK SERVICE: Every aspect of our life revolves around mobile phones, so it is natural that the repairing house you select should fix the issue quickly. For the repairing of other gadgets, you can afford to wait, but not in case of mobile.
Go to the repairing shop that gives fast service without damaging your phone and within an affordable rate.

5 EXPERT IN DATA RECOVERY: It is the data that makes your mobile more valuable. Identify a mobile device repairing firm that has an extensively organized method of recovering the lost data from your device. Mobile repair work is not just about finding the fault and fixing it properly, it is also about recovering the data and maintaining complete confidentiality of the restored data.

Final Thoughts- The salient features of a reputed company is, it will always give top-preference to the overall satisfaction of their clients. It will be client-focused and strongly believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with the clients with brilliant service. It seems to hold true that a reputed repairing shop will never depend on cheesy gimmicks to attract clients. Their service will speak for themselves.

Moment Ronaldo speaks on his relationship with Messi.