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This is to invite all Zealnut member to a members, moderators and administrators meeting that will be holding on our whatsapp app group age tomorrow night at 8pm

Where we will be discussion some very important topics and our plans to remodel the platform in the next few days. Members will also have the opportunity to voice their opinions and we will be available to answer them. 

Join the whatsapp group with the link below and indicate your presence.

The hustle Is for mama!
The hustle is for mama!!
Small money enter ur hand, you don book hotel dey call Esther 😏

Rule number one, never count your homie pockets thinkin' you deserve it

Rule number two, never trust a bitch that'll fuck you for some money

Rule number three, save some of that money, you better stop squanderin'

'Cause when it's all said and done and you back at the bottom, they are going to treat you like you worthless.

(Respect the game)

😂 😂 😂 Uncle shouted ah! 😂 

Don't fall for a woman who is deeply in love with another man who cares less about her. It is better you fight to win a lady who has got her heart broken than one who hopes to be loved by a fixed identity.

There is a thin line between 'hanging on' and 'fighting over'. There is honour in the latter. Fight for the love of the woman you desire, compete for her affection if a rival exists but never hang on for what is likely uncertain, unclear, and emotionally ambiguous.

Always pay attention to permissions before accepting them! 

The honest truth


We are stopping the point system.

Details to follow shortly.

If someone can quit a club he has loved for so many years over a string of bad times and switch to another club, then don't be shocked if as your friend they walk away when things go bad for you.

Fact Check:
Most FA Cup semi-final appearances in the history of the competition:

🏆 Arsenal (30)

🏆 Man Utd (30)

Both current managers lifted the trophy twice for their respective clubs as a player.

Order, party discipline and mutual respect went out of the window.

Members instituted all manner of court cases, most of them destructive, some of them frivolous, none of them necessary.

In the process, a dense fog fell upon the party.

(Bola Tinubu) 


Payment of requested cash will begin tonight at 6pm... 


Don't ask me why I don't mourn politicians.
What do you want me to say?
Rest in peace?

When I know there is no peace for the wicked...


Wicked people hurt themselves more than they hurt others 🙄🙄

Here’s the lifeless body of the great “constituted authority”...AJIMOBI’s death; a lesson to our political leaders!

Old song but still an amazing lyrics. I did the lyrics editing so clap for me. 😉

The song is Headlight by Eminem by the way... 

Liverpool players celebrating winning the Premier League... Congrats to them 🏆🏆 

“1942 Flows” was released as a part of Meek Mill's third studio album “Wins & Losses”.

Liverpool wins the premier league without kicking a ball!

Congratulations to all Liverpool fans on Zealnut!

Jason Aldean - You make it easy... Like the song


We are aware that a few of our members that requested for cash on Monday have not been paid. Please exercise a little patience while we sort things with our payment platform. We got locked from our payment platform for sending out to much funds. We have spoken to them about it and explained to them why we are sending money to different accounts every week. At least now some of you understand why we changed withdrawal from daily to twice a week. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding, we will pay you soon. 

One word for this guy... The one that moved the goal post. 😂 

The moto sunk inside the flood and they are trying to flog out the moto out. 🤣🤣

That crazy instrumentalist that has been asking you out but you refuse. Now it's his turn. 😂 😂 😂 😂 

Good morning sir

 I applied for withdrawal (1800point) since Friday around 10am uptill now I have not received my payment this is my first time if experience such issue please rectify it and let me get my payment 

After the break up with her record label, X3M Music, Simi resurface with a new single tittled “Small Ting

The credit of production goes to the melodious act herself, Simi has been busy taking her production class serious and she seems to be making wave already.

This is what we call full package, Small Ting was Written, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by the Mrs Gold

Part of Ondo state the media will never show you. 
Akure to be precise. Don't ask me for address... 😂 

"A noun is a name of any person, animal, place or things"
If that's not the definition of noun you know then you didn't school in Nigeria

😂 😂 😂 

What will you do if after your wedding she decided to clean the make up and you find out this is what she look like? 😀😀  

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