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The way INEC disappointed the whole nation yesterday  is something they should prosecuted for Ooo.


I was just thinking how they might have disappointed different people with different reasons and I thought doing this list to shake some table ?


Below are the type of people INEC disappointed;


The End!!!


So Guys ?

How Did INEC Disappoint You Yesterday ?


Let’s hear from you..


 Drop your comments

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Citing “new evidence,” the Chicago Police Department announced Friday night that two men held for questioning in connection with an alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett have been released, with no charges filed against them.

The news came shortly after 10 p.m. ET in a Twitter message from Tom Ahern, deputy director of news affairs and communications for the police department.

“Due to new evidence as a result of today's interrogations, the individuals questioned by police in the case have now been released without charging and detectives have additional investigative work to complete,” Ahern wrote.

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No description of the evidence was disclosed.

The two men — whom police have identified only as Nigerian brothers — were picked up at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Wednesday and taken into custody after returning from Nigeria after police learned that at least one of the men worked on "Empire," according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. He said he did not know what the man's job was on the television drama.

Guglielmi's comments followed a furious 24 hours that included local media reports that the attack was a hoax. Police say those reports are unconfirmed. Producers of the television drama also disputed media reports that Smollett's character, Jamal Lyon, was being written off the show, calling the idea "patently ridiculous."

Smollett, who is black and openly gay, told the Chicago Police Department that he was attacked by two men on Jan. 29 while walking home to his apartment. He alleged the men hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him, beat him and poured an "unknown chemical substance" on him.

Responding officers, according to a police report, found Smollett with a rope hanging from his neck. Chicago police told Fox News it was a “small white rope, like the type you’d buy in a hardware store.”

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A gunman opened fire inside an Aurora manufacturing plant on Friday, killing five people and wounding six police officers. None of the victims names had been released as of Friday night.


The suspect, identified as 45-year-old Gary Martin, exchanged gunfire with police as soon as officers entered the 29,000 square-foot Henry Pratt building around 1:30 p.m. Feb. 15.

A total of 12 people, including the gunman, were shot. The five wounded police officers, all men, were shot within five minutes of arriving on the scene, according to Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

All the victims who died were employees. A sixth person employee was being treated in a hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

Martin lived in Aurora and was employed at the company, a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, for 15 years. The Atlanta-based company manufactures water measurement products, according to its website.

The motive of the shooting was still unclear, but Ziman said Martin had recently been fired and had returned to his former employer Friday in an attempt to get his job back.

Records show Martin was sentenced in February 1995 in Mississippi on an aggravated assault offense.

In a statement released Friday night, the company said it was left “shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific tragedy.”

“Our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones, the first responders, the Aurora community and the entire Mueller family during this extremely difficult time,” the statement reads. “Our entire focus is on the health and well-being of our colleagues, and we are committed to providing any and all support to them and their families.”

Ziman said police were notified about the shooting at 1:24 p.m. They arrived on the scene at 1:28 p.m. and were immediately fired upon.

Five officers were shot. A sixth suffered a knee injury.

At a press conference, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin said the following:

“I don’t think I can be clearer in saying today is a sad day. We have seen similar situations around our nation. But to experience it first hand is even more painful. A shame these shootings are commonplace, a shame that someone would be so selfish to think he has the right to take an innocent life. We as a society cannot allow the heartless acts to become a spot on the 10 o’clock news.”

Gov. JB Pritzker also attended the press conference.

“There is no way to prepare for the pain of losing innocent people,” Pritzker said. “In the state that you were elected to lead, the state that you were elected to protect, there is no way to prepare. There are no words for the kind of evil that robs our neighbors of their lives.”


Two officers were shot in the leg; another in the hip; one in the neck and a fifth officers was hit in the neck. The injuries are all described an non life-threatening.

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She sued 50 Cent for rape and dragged him to court.

Court discovered she lied and asked her to pay him $40k for defaming his name.

Looks like she can't get the money. Lol

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The Independent National Electoral Commission has decided to shift Saturday’s presidential and National Assembly elections till next week 23 February.

It was one of the decisions reached early today in a crunch talk between between INEC chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu and 12 national commissioners in Abuja, according to sources close to the meeting.

Professor Yakubu will be briefing the media later today on the decision, amidst reports of logistics problems faced by the commission.

The meeting, which began Friday evening, was still in progress up till 1.30 a.m.

Rotimi Oyekanmi, the chief press secretary to the INEC chairman told newsmen that the decision of the meeting will be communicated later today and that some decision about the election had been reached.

“I can confirm to you that the INEC Chairman and the 12 national commissioners are in the meeting.

” Decisions have been taken and you will be addressed later,” Oyekanmi said.

Presidential and National Assembly elections are scheduled to take place throughout the country today, while governorship and state assembly elections will take place on 2 March.

The national elections are expected to hold at 119,973 polling units across the country while collation of results will take place in 8,809 Registration Areas or Wards, 774 Local Government Areas and 36 States and the FCT.

It will not be the first time that the commission would postpone a scheduled general election.

In 2015, the presidential election was shifted from February 14 to March 28th, 2015; while the governorship and assembly elections scheduled for 28 February were shifted to 11 April.

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The presidential election is few hours from now, and there are categories of people we are going to meet on that day and I bring to you, the 10 types of people we are going to meet at the polling unit on election day.

These are:-

1. The Gentlemen/ladies

These are the types of people the will visit the polling unit just to fulfill their mission which is to vote peacefully and after that, go back to their home without any problem.


2. The Elders

These people(mostly men) are always between the age 70-80+ you will always find them sitting under a tree or any shaded area within the polling centre lecturing young men about the history of politics and how the country was going from bad to good and vice versa.


3. The I Too Know (ITKs)

These are the categories of people that you will see jumping from one place to the other as if they are INEC chairman. You will never see them at rest, they can even go to the extent of teaching the INEC officials their works.


4. The Ushers

You will always see these categories of people on the queue looking very quiet but when they see a person trying to manipulate the queue, they will just walk to him/her and say something like “Oga, please go and join the queue at the back, we that have being on the line are not animals” they will never leave you until you do the needful.


5. The Coordinators

They are more like the ushers but something special about them is that they are not always on the queue, if they see you trying to sneak into the queue, they will just appear from nowhere and say “hey” then point to the back, due to the fear that you don’t know the kind of person they are, you will port to the back with immediate effect.


6. The Confused

Looking at them only, you will deduce that they are confused. They will always be looking as if someone is about to kidnap them or you will always see them asking questions silly like “Brother, will they collect this PVC from us after we are through?” or “Sister, shebi Buhari the PDP presidential candidate?” They are always annoying.


7. The VIPs

These are always the big men of the hood, they will just drive down to the polling unit with their expensive ride and walk up to the INEC officials with a bottle water in their hands and do all the necessary stuffs and drive back home immediately.


8. The Spacebookers

I usually wonder if that’s what they do to make money on that day or they are just naturally mumus. They will be on the queue for hours and when it’s almost their turn to vote, someone will just come from nowhere and take their place then you will see them leaving.


9. The Lookers/Observers

Some are not even there to vote but to watch people arguing or fighting, you will always see them at alert with their phones getting ready to snap/video any funny or fist throwing event that takes place at the unit.


… and finally,

10. The Fighters

Their own mission is to come and cause violence at the polling unit, they will mistakenly hit you or march you, instead of saying sorry, they will turn it to fight. Be careful when dealing with them.

Which Of These categories Do You Belong To?

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In the early hours of today, self-acclaimed Billionaire Gucci master took to his Instagram page to announce the purchase of his fairly used Bentley.

Shares adorable photos with mostly diss words.

Few hours later, Billionaire BUREAU DE CHANGE and businessman Mompha also took to his Instagram to announce and share adorable pictures & receipts of his brand newly acquired Bentley of 99.5m naira for his wife as special Valentine gifts.

Purchase announcements from both Billionaire business moguls have got fans and top celebrities like Baddyosha Talking.

See Photo Below:

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Hi Guys!

Happy valentine’s day!

In the spirit of valentine, we bring to you this funny list of people on valentine’s day.

These Are 10 Types Of People You Will See On Valentine’s Day;

1. The Red And White Gang

Feb 14th is the day you will see different shades of Red And White combination.

Especially in Lagos, everybody be looking like Sango-Olukoso?


2. The Ones Expecting Gift Or Valentine’s Treat From Bae

Some people are fond of expecting valentine gift as their lives depend on it.

Y’all gotta chill, economy hard, valentine text message suppose don do you.


3. The Broke Ones With Sweet Text Messages

Some guys, when they don’t have money to buy gift or take bae out but they compiled up to 24 text messages and start sending one every hour on val’s day.

If you’re in this category, I pray sense no go kill you


4. The Olosho Boys And Girls That Will Receive Plenty Gifts From Different Bae’s

Una weldone oo!

The yoruba demons can relate to this?

By now, some people’s room will be filled up with loads of Valentine gifts from their plenty relationships.


5. The Ones Who Can’t Go Out With Bae Because They Work From Morning Till Night

Some people doing 7 to 7 jobs will be complaining of having to go to work on Valentine’s day.

So, government should declare public holiday abi for valentine abi? E good na!


6. The Ones Who Will Borrow Gift From Their Friends And Repackage It For Their Own Bae

This is how some guys roll on Val’s day.

Once your paddy don get val gift, the broke ones will pick some and repackage it for their own bae.

That is called val’s gift recycling.


7. The Ones With No Bae

On valentine’s day, some people have no serious relationship, they use Olosho for cover up.

But then, I sorry for your future.


8. The Religious Ones That Will Say Valentine Is Not In The Bible

Some people will tell you valentine is evil and that is a sin to celebrate it.

Pele! father in the Lord.


9. The Ones That Can Only Offer Séx For Valentine Gift

These ones, when they hear valentine, the only thing that comes to their is séx and that’s all they can offer their partner for valentine.

They want to have a special kind of séxual session with their partner with agbojedi in the system.


10. The Very Romantic Ones

These ones sabi how to play love.

They are serious lovers that when you see them with their partners you’d want to love.

These kinds of people don’t joke with presentation of valentine gifts.

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From the Jetsons' to Blade Runner flying cars have been a major theme of any future world, but we could have them sooner than first imagined.

11 Real World Flying Car Projects

Flying cars have long been the staple of sci-fi films and books for decades and our youthful dreams of flying cars in our lifetime may be sooner than we ever thought possible.

Some companies are making literal leaps and bounds in this virgin territory and we could see the first of them released within just a few years.

These 11 are some of the closest and most interesting flying car projects that could be taxiing you around your local city very soon indeed. It seems the future, at least part of it, is tantalizingly close.  

1. Terrafugia TF-X

Founded in 2006 by a team of MIT graduates, Terrafugia is currently developing two interesting flying car projects. The first is called the Transition which, they believe, will be the world's first practical flying car.

The other, sexier, project is the TF-X. It is this model that they intend to scale to mass production to revolutionize personal transportation forever.

The TF-X is being built from the ground up, if you'll excuse the pun, as an all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing, computer controlled flying car.

Not only that but its sleek lines will make it a rival for a high-end sports car of today. This is one to really keep an eye out for over the next few years.

2. Joby Aviation's Air Taxi

Joby Aviation had been working on a personal aerial craft for several years before receiving an enormous cash injection from Toyota and Intel. The conditions of the investment were to provide a practical all-electric air taxi of the future.

This air taxi is interesting, compared to others on the list, as it is being designed with a seating capacity of up to 5. It will be, by virtue, a lot bigger and heavier than its rivals.

Prototype plans reveal that it will be a VTOL but more resembles a traditional airplane but with multiple propellers. This is another interesting one to keep an eye on.

3. DeLorean DR-7

flying car projects delorean
Source: DeLorean Aerospace

The company behind one of the most famous cars in cinema is currently developing a flying car. This company is DeLorean and this could possibly be the only project that is stepping back in time with its flying car project.

DeLorean Aerospace currently has Paul DeLorean at the helm who is the nephew of John DeLorean. John was the man principally responsible for the iconic DeLorean gull-wing car that became so famous in the Back to the Future films as Dr. Brown's time travel device.

The DeLorean DR-7 features electric propulsion and is expected to be fully autonomous, meaning you won't need a pilot license to fly it. The company is expecting to build a full-scale prototype at some point this year.

4. PAL-V Liberty

flying car projects PALV5
Source: PAL-V

PAL-V, a Dutch Aerospace company, is nearing completion of their flying car project - the Liberty. They are so close, in fact, that they intend to take pre-orders for its as early as 2019.

If true, this will make it one of, if not the, first commercially available flying car. According to their CEO, Robert Dingemanse, all they need now as the final necessary certifications to make their Liberty market ready.

The Liberty runs on two engines each specially designed for use on the road or in the air. It has been clocked at a top land speed of 160 km per hour and can reach180 km per hour in the air.

If, or perhaps when, it goes on the market in 2019 it is earmarked for a price tag of around $400,000 per unit.


Uber are currently developing their own ambitious flying car project or VTOL taxis. The program is called "UBERAIR" and is planned to be introduced in Dallas and Los Angeles first.

The project has been in development since 2016 and Uber hopes to get it off the ground very soon. Little is really known about the project beyond that but they have teamed up with five different partners, including Boeing, to make it a reality.

Their choice of initial cities does highlight some inherent issues with VTOL craft. Namely, VTOL's don't function very well in harsh environments and are best suited to areas with generally mild weather and low rain for safety reasons.

Despite this, they plan to begin rolling out the service as early as 2020 in LA.

6. Airbus Vahana

flying car projects Vahana
Source: Vahana

Airbus, not to the outdone by the apparent 'gold rush' to bring flying cars to the market, have been developing one of their own. It's called the Vahana and it is planned to be another all-electric VTOL that will be self-piloted.

The idea is to save money on hiring trained and experienced pilots to actually fly the thing once released. Since autopilot software is pretty mature at this point, it shouldn't be out of the scope of possibility to do this, especially for an accomplished organization with the size of Airbus.

This will also have other benefits for things like maintenance whereby the craft can automatically fly themselves to for maintenance and upgrades when required.

Progress appears to be going smoothly with it completing its first successful test-fight earlier this year. This was accomplished completely autonomously and Airbus is planning many further tests for things like basic maneuvering in the future.

7. Lilium Jet

flying car projects Lilium
Source: Lilium

A German startup called Lilium Aviation are also getting in on the flying car project game. Their proposal is, like others, quite ambitious and is planned to be able to carry up to 5 passengers.

They also plan to make it possible for their flying car to be summoned using an app on a smartphone. Like all other companies on the list, Lilium hopes that theirs will change public transportation forever.

Lilium's solution will, like others, be an all-electric VTOL flying car but with a twist - it will be jet powered. There jet-powered flying car should have a top range of around 300 km and promises to make a trip between London and Paris in around an hour.

They hope to have it up and running by as early as 2025.

8. VRCO NeoXCraft

flying car projects neoxcraft
Source: VRCO

British company VRCO are currently developing their own flying car project. They have designed their NeoXCraft to be able to traverse on land, in the air, and on water as well.

According to the company's CEO, Daniel Hayes, the NeoXCraft should be ready, at least for road-testing only, by 2020. Its design is particularly innovative.

Its ducted fans can be used in flight or rotated to become wheels for driving. The flying car's VTOL mode will enable it to carry around 180 kgs in payload equivalent to about 2 passengers as well.

It's already available for pre-order and will cost you just over $2 million.

9. Kitty Hawk Cora

The Cora flying car project from startup Kitty Hawk recently got a huge boost from some significant financial backing by Google co-founder Larry Page.

It is pretty advanced in its development and has already begun several rounds of test flights in New Zealand earlier in 2018.

Its aim is to break into the flying car project scene and directly provide competition for its potential rivals in development by Airbus and Uber.

The craft features no less than 12 lift fans to provide the flying car with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. These are all all-electric and are able to be moved independently of one another.

The Cora is capable of reaching heights of between 150 and 900 meters and has been clocked at a top speed of 180 km per hour.

10. Toyota SkyDive

flying car projects Cora
Source: Cartivator

Not to be outdone by the competition, Toyota is also developing their own flying car project. Their solution is very different to others on the list and is hoped to be showcased by opening the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Toyota SkyDive is currently the smallest electric vehicle in the world and measures a modest 2.9 meters long, 1.1 meters tall, and 1.9 meters wide.

It is being developed by a group of specialists Toyota engineers led by Tsubasa Nakamura who actually designed the vehicle in his own spare time.

It is hoped by the development team to have the SkyDive max out its land speeds at 150 km per hour with cruising speeds exceeding 100 km per hour.

They also hope to begin making test runs of the craft very soon and have it ready for mass production by 2030.

11. Aeromobil

flying car projects Aeromobil
Source: Aeromobil

The Aeromobil, the name says it all really, is a Slovakian gamble at the flying car market of the future. It is being built by a company of the same name and really does look the part.

"AeroMobil is an exceptional vehicle. It‘s a real flying car, with all that a car and an airplane have to offer. Because of its true flexibility, you have a choice: road or air. The choice is ultimately up to you, but, whether you choose to be aerial or earthbound, AeroMobil will always turn heads." 

This flying car project is nearing completion and will be powered by a specially designed hybrid electric system. It also come in two variants, the 4.0 VTOL and 5.0 VTOL.

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Famous Mexican drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been found guilty on all counts against him and is expected to spend the rest of his life in a US jail El Chapo who escaped from prison twice, made his first successful attempt in 2001 and broke out of a Mexican jail by hiding in a laundry bin. Then, in 2014, he fled jail through a mile-long lighted tunnel which his associates had fitted with a motorcycle on rails. He was arrested again in 2016 and extradited to the US the following year. On Tuesday, Guzman was convicted of running a criminal enterprise that amassed him a $14 billion (£11 billion) fortune. He ran the Sinaloa cartel, becoming the world’s most notorious drug baron since Pablo Escobar, the Colombian who was shot dead in 1993. The 61-year-old showed no emotion as a jury in New York found him guilty of 10 drug-related charges. He will be sentenced on June 25, and will face a mandatory life term. After the verdicts were read the Mexican drug lord, dressed in a charcoal suit and tie, leaned back in his chair and looked at his wife Emma Coronel, 29, a beauty queen. Both placed their hands on their hearts and gave each other a thumbs up. She had tears in her eyes. The jury of five men and seven women, who have been under special protection since the trial began in November, deliberated for six days During the trial, they heard allegations of gruesome murders, guns encrusted with diamonds or plated with gold, cocaine hidden in jalapeno cans, and a naked escape by Guzman with a mistress through a tunnel. Prosecutors presented what they called an “avalanche” of evidence showing how Guzman, and his murderous Sinaloa cartel, made billions of dollars in profits by smuggling tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and cannabis into the US. The court heard an allegation that Enrique Pena Nieto, the former Mexican president, took a $100 million bribe from Guzman. Mr Pena Nieto denied it. Jurors were also told of Guzman’s personal brutality. On one occasion he was alleged to have kidnapped an associate who left his cartel, beating and shooting him, before having the victim buried alive. A cast of 56 witnesses, many of them Mexican drug traffickers already in US prisons, gave evidence against him. They included a Colombian known as Chupeta, or Lollipop, whose face had been so altered by plastic surgery while on the run that the court collectively gasped at his appearance. One of Guzman’s many mistresses, Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, told how she was in bed in a safe house with the drug lord when he was in hiding in 2014. Mexican marines broke down the door but Guzman led her to a trap door beneath a bathtub, which led to an escape tunnel. “He was naked. He took off running,” she told the court.’. Guzman will be held in a maximum-security prison in the US to avoid any jailbreaks. Source: Telegraph
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Hi Guys!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Val is here already, the day we celebrate love with our partners and have a nice time together.

One important part of valentine’s day is presentation of gifts to one’s partner to show love and also celebrate the relationship.

Considering the situation of the economy now, some guys might still be thinking of what to get for Bae as valentine’s gift or what to do to thrill Bae for val because their account balance never even balance.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got solutions for you all.

Below are ways you can thrill your Bae this valentine even if you’re broke;

1. Perfume

Everyone loves to smell nice, so buying a cool and nice Perfume for your lover to wear on Valentine day and after is a wise decision.

Gifting them a nice Perfume leaves a permanent impression of you in their heart and you easily come to mind whenever anyone tell them how nice they smell while wearing it.

So, step out today and get your love one a very nice perfume, you won’t regret it.

2. Cinema

This is surely a good way to make your babe have that romantic Valentine’s day feeling.

Imagine Going with your babe to a cinema on Val day to see a movie in a dark and cozy cinema room and while watching the movie you’re doing some touch-touch and eating pop-corn at the same time.

You can even get to kiss each other self if you guys are sitting at the back.

No doubt some cinemas are expensive but then, you can always get a cinema as cheap as 1,500 per head.

3. Colourful Underwear

You should know the brand of pant and colors your babe likes the most.

If you’re broke and you desire to give her a gift she will so much appreciate, just enter market and buy packs of colorful pants she will love.

You can get a pack of colorful pants and G-Strings with different designs for maximum of N5,000.

She will appreciate the effort you put into going to market to select nice panties for her.

4. Home Made Food

Not every guy knows how to cook though. You can buy 6 fancy candles of different colors that’s sold for 50 Naira each, that’s N300.

If you can’t really cook, you can probably buy 3 packs of Indomie, carrots, and cucumber, all for like N400. You can also buy like half kilo of turkey for like N600.

Indomie and turkey will take about 30 mins to cook. If God will help you self there will be no light when she comes so the candle can work well.

If you want to spice it well, buy Chivita N400 and maybe rose flower of N300.

When she arrives you will blind fold her and when she enters and sees the love settings, she will feel loved the whole thing can kick start.

5. Internet Subscription

Data is essential to our everyday life, so giving your Bae data on Valentine’s day should not be a bad idea.

Ladies like to slay on Instagram, watch comedy videos and all.

They will surely appreciate it if you can take responsibility of their one month subscription in the name of Valentine.

To make her appreciate it more, make sure you do Internet Subscription more than the amount she does herself on a norm.

6. Shoes/Wristwatches

Most girls will appreciate either shoe or wristwatches without even minding the amount you purchased it.

And if you’re smart, you can get nice ladies pairs of shoe in Yaba for as low as N1,200, wristwatches might not even be up to that amount.

Infact, with N2,000 you can get both wristwatch and shoe for her. But to do this, you’ve got to know how to price market wella.

7. Customized Phone Case

Ladies, especially those that are Instagram or Snapchat addicts, they love to pimp their phone with beautiful case.

You can get a designer phone case for her or a phone case that would have her picture at the back.

To do this is not expensive, you can get it done within 3K to 5K prices.

If you get her a customized phone case with her photo at the back, she be excited to the extent that whenever someone admires the beauty of her phone packaging, she will remember you.

8. Photo Frame

It’s very rare to see a lady who doesn’t like pictures. They can snap photo for Africa.

Meanwhile, you can wow her by gifting her a big size portrait of her in a frame.

You can even get an App to turn her picture to a drawing or painting that you can print to frame, so when you present it to her she, will think you actually paid for painting and eventually fall for you more.

9. Trip To Beach

A fancy trip to the beach side is not expensive but your girl will find it very romantic.

Lying on your chest, playing rough play and all at the beach will sure turn out to be a very romantic experience for your girl and you won’t have to spend too much.

For instance, Elegushi beach is N1,000 per head, with your babe, you’d spend N2,000 as entry fee.

Let’s just say with N5,000 you can enjoy beach life to a very reasonable extent with your partner.

10. Branded/Customized Cup Cake

Getting a customized cup cake for your babe on Valentine’s day is a great idea.

Cupcakes are small cakes in cup size that can be designed with words or even pictures on it.

You can get about half or a dozen of cupcakes to make romantic statements with it or even use her picture.

You can get cup-cakes within N5,000 to N7,000 price range depending on how much you want to customize it.

That’s all we have for you for this year valentine season.

We hope you thrill your girlfriend this period, remember if you don’t someone else will.

So Guys ?

What Other Way Can You Thrill Your Girlfriend, Even If You’re Broke?

Drop your comment

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Justin Bieber is working to better himself in 2019. The 24-year-old singer is receiving treatment for depression and anxiety, according to reports, but is not in rehab.

“Justin seems down and tired. He has been struggling a bit,” a source told People, clarifying that his anxieties have “nothing” to do with his marriage to Hailey Bieber (formerly Hailey Baldwin).

“He is very happy being married to her. It’s just something else that he struggles with mentally,” continued the insider. “He has good help around him and is receiving some treatment. He seems confident he will feel better soon.”

A second source confirms to the magazine Bieber is receiving counseling for his issues.

Us Weekly reports Bieber is “going to several doctors” but its source clarifies that: “He’s not in rehab…. He sees a therapist, but he’s not in a special center or anything.

“He doesn’t want to be dependent on medication. He struggles with ups and downs, anxiety, depression and uncertainty about the future.”

Yahoo reached out to a representative for Bieber, but did not immediately receive a response.

The “Sorry” singer has been open about battling depression and anxiety, most recently in Vogue. Bieber shares the March cover with his wife, Hailey.

“I got really depressed on tour,” he recalled of canceling the final 14 shows of his Purpose World Tour. “I haven’t talked about this, and I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about. I was lonely. I needed some time.”

The Biebers also discussed their different temperaments. “I’m the emotionally unstable one,” Justin explained. “I struggle with finding peace. I just feel like I care so much and I want things to be so good and I want people to like me. Hailey’s very logical and structured, which I need. I’ve always wanted security — with my dad being gone sometimes when I was a kid, with being on the road. With the lifestyle I live, everything is so uncertain. I need one thing that’s certain. And that … is my baby boo.”

Neither Hailey nor Justin has commented on the counseling reports.

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As the battle for supremacy between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj intensifies after the #2019GrammyAwards, we at Zealnut have decided to look back and give you a brief history of how it all started between these two rap queens.

March 2017

The first hints of tension between the pair began in the spring of 2017, when Minaj appeared to “like” a fan’s Instagram comment dismissing one of Cardi B’s rap verses as “Dumb ass bars.” However, many users were quick to observe that this “like” could have been the result of Photoshop fakery or an account hack.

Whatever the case, Minaj seemingly “liked” a tweet saying that the social media diss was faked.

May 2017

On “Swish Swish,” Katy Perry‘s diss track reportedly aimed at longtime nemesis Taylor Swift, fans picked up on some shade coming from Minaj’s direction. “Silly rap beefs just get me more checks / My life is a movie, I’m never off set / Me and my amigos (no, not Offset),” she rapped on her guest verse. Some speculated that Cardi was not happy with the line — particularly the bit that shouted out her man.

Soon after the song’s release, Cardi unleashed a series of impassioned tirades on Instagram Live. Though she didn’t mention names, many believed they were directed at Minaj.

“I hate this s—, I really, really do. A bitch like me, I was happier when I was macking in the hood. This s— right here is so fake,” she said during one livestream, according to Billboard. “When I used to be a regular bitch from the Bronx — a hood bitch — when somebody used to be fake to me it was cool because I could approach a bitch and punch her right in her closure… Now that I’m in the industry, you don’t work like that, just have to watch s— go, watch s— go. You gotta see people play you and just say nothing like a dick. That s— is so wack my n—alike that s— be breaking my heart because the people, your idols, become rivals.”

June 2017 

For any fans foolish enough to pit her against Minaj, Cardi B posted a handy reminder on Twitter that summer.

August 2017

The feud appeared to heat up when Cardi performed her ubiquitous summer hit “Bodak Yellow” during a festival at MoMA’s PS1 in Queens. “You know this bitch she never f—ing liked me,” she said from the stage, “and all of a sudden she want to be friends with me — no, bitch … I still don’t like you bitch.”

Later that month, Minaj was featured on the track “No Flags’ with 21 Savage and Offset. Her verse raised the eyebrows of some fans who believe that it referenced — who else? — Cardi. “I heard these labels are trying to make another me / Everything you’re getting little hoe is because of me.”

Dropping shortly after Cardi B had signed her mega-deal with Atlantic Records, the line was certainly suspicious. However, Minaj diffused the rumors herself on Twitter, sharing that she’d written the verse long before she ever knew the ex-Love and Hip Hop star.

Cardi weighed in as well just a few hours later, offering a comment that can either be viewed as a brush-off of fans playing the pair against one another — or a slam against Minaj.

During an interview at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in late August, Cardi did her best to bury the rumors of a feud. “I mean, I don’t really want problems with anybody,” she told Billboard. “I don’t want to be, like, queen. I don’t wanna be no this. I don’t wanna be no that. I just wanna make music and make money. I really don’t have time to look at other women, what they doing. I’m myself, you know what I’m saying? Nobody got a problem with me. I don’t got a problem with them. If somebody got a problem I don’t really got to do that whole industry beef. Like, you know, I get it popping with these hands.”

September 2017

Cardi took a verse on the G-Eazy song “No Limit,” which many felt was a dig at Minaj, who’d been the reigning rap queen for the better part of a decade. “My career takin’ off / These hoes jogging in place / Swear these hoes run they mouth / How these hoes out of shape? / Can you stop with all the subs? / Bitch I ain’t Jared.”

During Cardi’s appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show soon after the song’s release, host Charlamagne tha God asked her directly whether she had beef with Minaj. Cardi denied it, saying, “She ain’t never f—ed my man.”

The pair appeared to make nice after “Bodak Yellow” topped the chart, making Cardi the first solo female rapper to do so since Lauryn Hill nearly 20 years earlier. Minaj, who many felt was on track to nab the honor herself, sent Cardi a congratulatory tweet.

October 2017

If you assumed that having Cardi and Minaj on the same song would squash their rumored feud, then you are sorely mistaken. The track “MotorSport” began as a joint collaboration between the Queen Barbie and Quavo, but then the Offset rapper invited his bandmates and Cardi B into the mix. Minaj took to Twitter and, in a series of since-deleted tweets, insisted that the addition did not go against her wishes, and urged conspiracy theories to “relax” and “breathe.”

Things got messier when it became known that Minaj’s verse was altered prior to release. Cardi admitted as much during an interview Capital Xtra, saying, “When I heard the track, her verse wasn’t finished. It was not the verse that is on right now.”

The line “If Quavo the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi” — a reference to famed football coach Vince Lombardi — was originally “If Cardi the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi.” Minaj later claimed that Cardi’s name was changed at the insistence of her label, Atlantic.

When the big-budget music video dropped weeks later, fans noticed that Minaj and Cardi failed to appear in the same scenes. “We tried to create that moment…you dig?” Quavo insisted during an interview with host Ebro Darden on his Beats 1 radio show.

In a further interview with Ebro the following April, Minaj claimed that a scheduling conflict with her hairdresser prohibited her from attending the video shoot on the same day as Cardi. “You know, if I don’t show up they’re gonna act like I’m doing it to be mean, because of the current Nicki hate train,” she says she told her hair stylist at the time.

December 2017

The Christmas season seemingly didn’t foster goodwill between the two rap queens. As the Barbz ganged up on Cardi, accusing her of jacking their idol’s style with the music video for “No Limit,” Minaj herself couldn’t resist chiming in.

April 2018

The feud remained relatively quiet throughout the winter of 2018, but then returned with vengeance following back-to-back interviews on Beats 1. Cardi went first, telling Ebro Darden that there was no bad blood between Minaj and herself.

“I just feel like it’s really internet-made-up,” she said. “I really feel like fans and people, they really want to see that happened, because it’s really entertaining to see people beef. It’s entertaining. Like, I ain’t gonna front, when Nicki and Remy [Ma] , everyone was tuning and asking, ‘What’s next? What’s next?’…But I don’t really have the time for that. If you not f—ing my man, or if you’re not taking my money from me, if you’re not stopping my money, then I don’t really give a f— about you.”

Minaj followed up several weeks later with a tearful interview with Zayn Lowe, saying that she felt “ambushed” by Cardi B’s comments in the press following the “MotorSport” verse-changing controversy.

“The only thing with Cardi that really, really, really hurt my feelings was the first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out,” she said. “The first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out, it just really hurt me. She looked so aggravated and angry and the only thing she said was, ‘Oh, I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear that verse.’ I was like, what?”

She continued, saying that many, including those she considers her close friends, declined to come to her defense when she was being portrayed as a villain in the press and on social media. “That really, really hurt me. I really, fully supported [Cardi] and up until this recent interview I did, I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview and I can imagine how many girls wish they could’ve been on a song with Nicki Minaj.”

May 2018

Minaj and Cardi exchanged cordial words on the red carpet of the 2018 Met Gala, indicating to many that the frosty relations may have thawed.

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the 2018 Met Gala.
Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the 2018 Met Gala.
Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Cardi touched on this apparent détente during her appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show.

“I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding,” she said. “I think she felt a certain type of way about something. I definitely felt a certain type of way about something. I didn’t wanna ever talk about it in public because I felt like we gonna see each other again and we will talk about it, and it’s always, like, little issues. The thing is, it’s always little issues, but you know, fans are always gonna make it a big thing. I spoke to her about it. I spoke to her at the Met Gala about it, and it’s just like, see? It’s just something that had to be talked about because it was an issue.”

August 2018

The tables turned in August, as Minaj invited Ebro onto her new show, Queen Radio. The Beats 1 host brought up the Cardi feud (and Remy Ma, but that’s another story), much to the “Chun-Li” rapper’s chagrin. “Can we please move on?” she groaned, before ultimately offering a response. “I didn’t know Cardi and I had an issue. To me, she may have taken an issue with things that I’ve said, but I’m not going to bite my tongue…You gotta have thick skin. People talk s— about me all the time. I don’t go around and tell people to stop posting me because I see one bad thing about myself.”

She continued, “You can’t be expected to be liked and loved and praised all the f—ing time. Give me a break. You coming into the wrong game if you want people to kiss your ass and suck your dick all day, my n—. Like, come on.”

The tough love apparently didn’t go down well with Cardi, who commented on Twitter about being blocked by an unnamed person.

Crafty fans discovered that it did indeed appear that Cardi had been blocked by her rival.

September 2018

The cold war finally boiled over into an all-out physical assault at Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS party on Sept. 7.

An insider told PEOPLE that Cardi arrived at the New York Fashion Week event first. After Minaj showed up, there was an “altercation” on the second-floor balcony during a Christina Aguilera performance.

“The scene was f—ing crazy,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “It was entourage against entourage.”

“They had their altercation on the second-floor balcony, right above the red carpet. All of the sudden there was a big commotion and everyone didn’t know what was going on.”

Another source told Zealnut that “there was tension” between the performers beforehand and that “everyone was waiting for them to meet.”

The source explained, “It all happened 20 seconds after Kelly Rowland left Nicki Minaj — she was in between them.”

While the insider said it initially looked like Cardi and Minaj “might hug it out” inside the party, suddenly “it all went down.”

“Cardi walked towards Nicki and all of a sudden Cardi started screaming something about her child. She was yelling, ‘Bitch you feisty. Bitch don’t talk s— about my child’ at Nicki,” the source recalled about Cardi, who is mom to 8-week-old daughter Kulture Kiari with husband Offset.

The source said that Minaj had eight or nine bodyguards, while Cardi had two people. “There was no chance Cardi could get through, but that didn’t stop her. She kept trying,” the source said. “She threw her shoe because she couldn’t get through, but it only hit one of the bodyguards. It did not hit Nicki Minaj.” (Reps for the rappers did not immediately respond to Media’s requests for comment.)

Cardi B exits the Harpers Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7, 2018.
Cardi B exits the Harpers Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7, 2018.
Steven Ferdman/WireImage

Immediately following the incident, Cardi was escorted out by security while Minaj stayed inside. Cardi was seen leaving the party with a large lump on her forehead but no shoes.

“She left barefoot with her dress ripped and butt out,” source said. Cardi was wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana gown.

A defiant Minaj, meanwhile, blew kisses to fans (and possibly her haters) as she exited the venue.

Nicki Minaj exits Harpers Bazaars' ICONS party on Sept. 7, 2018.
Nicki Minaj exits Harpers Bazaars' ICONS party on Sept. 7, 2018.
James Devaney/GC Images

Cardi later wrote a long scathing Instagram post which she entitled “PERIOD.” It did not mention Minaj by name, but suggested she had tried to sabotage Cardi’s career and also spoken badly about Kulture Kiari.

Cardi B's Instagram post
Cardi B's Instagram post
Cardi B/Instagram

“I’ve let a lot of s— slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f— up the way I eat! You’ve threaten other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you’ll stop f—ing with them!! I let you talk big s— about me!!” she wrote.

Minaj declined to press charges but seemingly addressed the fight in a video shared to Instagram, in which she mugs for the camera as her Queen song “Hard White” plays. The track contains lyrics, not captured in the video, that may be about Cardi.

“I ain’t never played a hoe position,” Minaj raps. “I ain’t ever have to strip to get the pole position. Hoes is dissin’? Okay, these hoes is wishin’. You’re in no position to come for O’s position.”

The O references Minaj’s real name Onika, and Cardi has been open about her past as a stripper. In May 2018, Cardi told Cosmopolitan, “People say, ‘Why do you always got to say that you used to be a stripper? We get it.’ Because y’all don’t respect me because of it, and y’all going to respect these strippers from now on.”

On Monday, Minaj addressed the altercation on her Queen Radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1, according to Pitchfork. “The other night I was part of something so mortifying and so humiliating to go through in front of a bunch upper echelon people who have their life together,” she said. “I was in a Gaultier gown — off the motherf—ing runway — and I could not believe how humiliated we all felt,” she continued.

Cardi B; Nicki Minaj
Cardi B; Nicki Minaj
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images; Theo Wargo/Getty

Minaj also went on to deny that she had ever spoken ill of Cardi’s infant daughter. “I just want people to know that Onika Tanya Maraj has never, will never… speak ill on anyone’s child. I am not a clown. That’s clown s—,” Minaj continued, using her full name.

She also went on to clarify why she waited a few days to speak about the incident. Addressing Cardi, Minaj remarked that since “you knew that when that footage came out, you was about to look f—ing dumb,” Cardi and her publicist “hurried up and put out a statement” right away. “I’m such an ill-ass bitch I didn’t even feel the need to defend myself that night,” Minaj added.

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Nicki Minaj has dropped out of two scheduled BET events after the network appeared to insult her on social media on Sunday night during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

BET referenced the "Good Form" rapper while congratulating her nemesis Cardi B for her win for best rap album — the first time in history it’s ever been done by a solo female — in a post that read, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”

Minaj, 36, took offense to the post, prompting her to announce on Monday that she had decided to scrap her appearance at BET Experience and BET Awards later this summer, which Cardi, 26, will also be participating in.

“Young Money will no longer be apart of the BET Experience or award show,” she Tweeted with hearts and a praying hand emoji. “Summer Tour dates dropping soon.”

Minaj also posted photos of the since-deleted post, in addition to reactions from her enraged fans. She followed up her announcement by thanking her fans for their undying love and support.

“I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love & support you continue to show me,” she wrote with heart and unicorn emojis. “To everyone who said something sweet, thank you. Whether I read it or not, I felt it. From the bottom of my heart. I love you so much. So so so soooo much. Stay tuned.”

The network has since apologized for the offending post.

“BET loves Nicki Minaj. We have supported her from the very beginning of her career and will continue to do so moving forward,” representatives for the network told PEOPLE in a statement. “Nicki has paved the way for so many performers and has solidified her place as one of the most powerful figures in the music industry. Unfortunately the respect we have for Nicki was violated by this post that should never have been written.

The post does not reflect how we feel about Nicki. And further does not reflect our company values. We deeply apologize for the hurt, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused.

We are committed to doing everything we can to address the situation. We are also conducting an internal audit to assure these types of posts are not published again. We have apologized to Nicki and her team. The post has been removed and we have taken additional appropriate action. We understand Nicki’s position and look forward to continuing our dialogue with her. Finally, we apologize to all of her fans. This should have never happened.”

The first hints of tension between Minaj and Cardi B began in the spring of 2017, when Minaj appeared to “like” a fan’s Instagram comment dismissing one of Cardi B’s rap verses as “Dumb ass bars.” However, many users were quick to observe that this “like” could have been the result of Photoshop fakery or an account hack. After nearly a year of their simmering feud, the pair were involved in an explosive physical assault at Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS party last September.

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Cardi B is, at least for now, quitting Instagram — but not before she gets in the last word.

Following criticism that she was undeserving of her best rap album Grammy win and some social media drama where she was pinned against her nemesis Nicki Minaj by the BET Network, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper got heated in an expletive-filled rant on her Instagram.

The video, which was captured by a fan account, has since been deleted and was followed by Cardi, 26, deactivating her Instagram entirely.

“It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else,” she began in the clip, referencing the dig BET made at Nicki, which said she was “being dragged by her lacefront” after Cardi’s Grammy win.

Cardi B
Cardi B

“That’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with,” Cardi said, adding, “I don’t support that.”

“However, I’ve been taking a lot of s— today. I’m seeing a lot of bulls— today and I saw a lot of s— last night, and I’m sick of this s—. I work hard for my motherf—ing album,” she angrily stated.


The “I Like It” rapper continued her rant by reflecting on the reactions from last year’s Grammys results. Cardi earned two nominations in best rap performance and best rap song for her track “Bodak Yellow” but did not win for either one.

“I remember last year when I didn’t win for ‘Bodak Yellow’ and everybody was like, ‘Cardi got snubbed,'” she recalled. “Now this year’s a f— problem?! My album went two-time platinum, my n—, and every chart that there was, my album was always Top 10. Number one album, as well.”

Defending this year’s win, Cardi noted how she “worked her ass off” and spent endless hours in the studio, despite being pregnant with her daughter Kulture Kiari, now 7 months.

“I locked myself in the studio for three months, my n—. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days straight — pregnant!” she explained. “While everybody was harassing me like, ‘You’re not gonna do it, we know you pregnant, your career’s over…'”

After the passionate video was posted — and subsequently deleted — Cardi then shared another cleaner reflection on her Instagram about all the work that went into making Invasion of Privacy, which was captured by PEOPLE before she deleted her account on Monday.

“Slept in the studio on leather sofas for 3 months straight, migraines, in Atlanta in Miami away from my family. I have 4 songs that couldn’t make the album cause my nose was so stuffy bro I was huffy puffy,” Cardi captioned a congratulatory post from Chance the Rapper.

“This is overly deserved, the album was front-to-back hits. It would be inconceivable not to honor u last night,” Chance, 25, who was featured on the project, wrote.

“I had @offsetyrn and @brooklyn.johnny reaching out to the world for a verse on top of that I was depress [sic] cause everybody was suspecting I was pregnant and I constantly kept reading Cardi you ‘STUPID,’ ‘YOU RUINED YOUR CAREER,’ ‘WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A BABY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR CAREER,'” Cardi continued tagging her husband Offset.

Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and Offset

“My album went #1 and spend [sic] 21 weeks straight on billboard top ten! Every song is gold or platinum or higher. I listen to my album and I cry because I know the hell I went thruu doing the album is always a bittersweet memory.”

“THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTED ME AND LISTEN. I’m thankful and grateful and again thank you to all the artist that gave me a feature,” Cardi added.

While Cardi was busy defending her success — and not at the cost of others — Nicki was dropping out of two scheduled BET events after the network appeared to insult her on social media on Sunday night during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Cardi B (left) and Nicki Minaj
Cardi B (left) and Nicki Minaj

BET referenced Nicki while congratulating Cardi for her win for best rap album — the first time in history it’s ever been done by a solo female — in a post that read, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”

Minaj, 36, took offense to the post, prompting her to announce on Monday that she had decided to scrap her appearance at BET Experience and BET Awards later this summer, which Cardi will also be participating in.

“Young Money will no longer be apart of the BET Experience or award show,” she tweeted with hearts and a praying hand emoji. “Summer Tour dates dropping soon.”

The network has since apologized for the offending post.

“BET loves Nicki Minaj. We have supported her from the very beginning of her career and will continue to do so moving forward,” representatives for the network told PEOPLE in a statement. “Nicki has paved the way for so many performers and has solidified her place as one of the most powerful figures in the music industry. Unfortunately, the respect we have for Nicki was violated by this post that should never have been written.”

“The post does not reflect how we feel about Nicki. And further does not reflect our company values,” they continued. “We deeply apologize for the hurt, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused. We are committed to doing everything we can to address the situation… We understand Nicki’s position and look forward to continuing our dialogue with her. Finally, we apologize to all of her fans. This should have never happened.”

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The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Madurai, on Monday, arrested a suspected Nigerian drug supplier, Grant Victor Ikenna.

Ikenna who lives in Tiruchengode, Dist-Namakkal (Tamilnadu), was arrested in connection with smuggling of drug to Doha, Qatar which was seized at Andheri Mumbai.

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An Osogbo Chief Magistrates’ Court, on Tuesday, ordered the remand of a 29- year-old Rasaq Iyanda, for allegedly stealing a 13-year-old girl’s pant.

The prosecutor, ASP Idoko James, told the court that the defendant committed the offence on Feb.6, at about 2:00p.m. at Dalegun compound, Osogbo, NAN reports.

James said the defendant removed the pant of the minor, who was sleeping at the corridor at her parent’s house.

He said the complainant, father of the girl, heard his daughter complaining of her pant “missing from her body’’ while she was asleep.

The prosecutor said it took the tireless effort of the police detectives to track the defendant.

He said the offence contravened Section 360 of the Criminal Code Cap 34 Vol.11, Laws of Osun,2003. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the count charge.

The defence counsel, Mr Olatunbosun Oladipupo, prayed the court to grant his client bail in the most liberal terms.

The magistrate, however, refused the oral bail application, ordered the remand of the defendant and adjourned the case until March 12 for hearing of the bail application.











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Real Madrid vice-captain, Marcelo has said that he is ready to leave Santiago Bernabeu if the club do not want him anymore.

Marcelo stated this ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League round of 16 first leg tie with Ajax on Tuesday night.

The 30-year-old, who have only played 12 games for Real Madrid in the La Liga, is so far having a disappointing season for Santiogo Solari’s side.

“If I am on the list of players Madrid want to sell, then they can pay me up and all is sorted,” Marcelo told Esporte Interativo.

“I trust in myself, in my work, but if a day comes when Real Madrid do not want me, I’ll go. I will be sad, but I’ll go. But I am sure I will not be kicked out.

“The level I have been showing is difficult to always maintain,” Marcelo said, adding that: “I am a little below that level at the moment, but my career has been like that, some little dips, and unfortunately this season I had three injuries in two months.

“I went through a difficult period in my football and within the club, but that phase is over now, I need to play to get back to my usual form and confidence.

“But I feel good now, physically good, I am training strongly. I need to play to get back my confidence, but physically I am good.”

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Hello Guys,

We want your candid opinion about this kind of situation.

If a Lady walk up to you today to express her feelings towards you (something like a Lady toasting you) ?

From your own point of view ?

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WordPress site owners who are using the Simple Social Buttons plugin to support social media sharing features should update the plugin as soon as possible to plug a security hole that can be exploited to take over sites.

Luka Šiki?, a developer and researcher at WordPress security firm WebARX, discovered the security issue last week and reported the problem to the plugin's author.

In a report published today, he described the issue as an "improper application design flow, chained with lack of permission check."

He says that an attacker who can register new accounts on a site can exploit this vulnerability to make modifications to a WordPress site's main settings, outside to what the plugin was initially meant to manage.

These modifications can allow an attacker to take over sites by installing backdoors or taking over admin accounts.

In a demo video he posted on YouTube today, Šiki? showed how dangerous the vulnerability is by changing the email address associated with a WordPress site's admin account.

Read More at comment area

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The Creative Director, Image World Visuals, Emmanuel Chetan, and Annie Akhadelor, were found dead in a parked car, whose engine was running at Mende, Maryland, Lagos State, on Saturday.

Residents said Chetan lived at 37A Atiba Osborne Street, Mende.

An eyewitness, James Odion, said Chetan and Akhadelor were probably returning from a club in the early hours of Saturday.

He stated that the two died on Olugbade Street, Mende, Maryland, about 72 metres from where the man’s residence.

According to him, the two were suspected to have taken poisoned drinks, which might have led to their death and not the car’s air conditioning system as being suggested in some quarters.

He added that when the police eventually arrived and forced open the car, they found containers of the drinks they allegedly consumed.

Odion explained that on Olugbade Street, where Chetan parked his vehicle, a resident approached him and asked him to remove the car, noting that the place was where he (the man) often parked his car.

He said Chetan begged the man, saying that he was feeling uncomfortable and that in a short while, he would move the vehicle out, adding that about one hour later, Chetan and Akhadelor were found dead.

Odion stated, “Chetan was in his 30s. I knew him very well but I had never seen the lady, who was with him.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti, confirmed the incident, saying the corpses of Chetan and Akhadelor had been recovered and deposited in the hospital for autopsy

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A 32-year old man, one Fasina Adedayo, arrested for rough handling and forcing a 14-year old girl into bed in Lagos, has confessed that he was tempted by her breasts and desired to sleep with her.

A 32-year old man, one Fasina Adedayo, arrested for rough handling and forcing a 14-year old girl into bed in Lagos, has confessed that he was tempted by her breasts and desired to sleep with her.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at Eloseh Street in Ikate area of Surulere, Lagos where he resides with the victim’s parents.

The lust has landed him in trouble after he lured the victim into his apartment, grabbed the tempting breasts and forced her to the bed for sex romp. The victim raised alarm and he was forced to leave her. She then told her parents what happened.

The assault was reported to the police; Adedayo was arrested and detained at the police station in the area.

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