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Most drivers and non drivers dont know the reason an engine is called v6,v8 or v12
A V6 engine, often just called a V6, is an internal combustion engine with six cylinders. The engine has three cylinders on each side called banks. The two banks form a "V" shaped angle. In most engines, the two banks are at a right angle (90°) or less to each other. All six pistons turn a common crankshaft. It is the second most common engine design in modern cars after the inline four.

It can be powered by different types of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and alcohol. Yes alcohol

The V6 is a very compact engine design. It is shorter than the straight-4.

Many V6 engines are narrower than the V8 engine. They work well and are well suited to the popular transverse engine front-wheel drive cars. It has largely replaced the inline-6, which is too long to fit in many modern cars.

It is more complicated and not as smooth as the inline-6. The V6 is more compact, and more rigid, but also more prone to vibrations. It is also becoming a high performance engine.

It has high power and torque output like the classic V8, but has good fuel economy.