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7:30 AM

So I decided to get an Opay ride.
The Bike man gave me a helmet to wear.

I looked inside to see if it was neat enough.
Then I heard a small voice telling me, ‘’What if you wear it and disappear?’’. Then I said to the voice, ‘’gbenu e sonu? She mo jo Abija wara ni?’’ .
I donned the helmet, at least if I disappear, let me land in a restaurant, where I can see some fellow spirits; like a seven-Spirited Ogbono soup with Eba.

Little did I know something else terrible was coming my way.

As I arrived my destination, I alighted.
Just as I was about to pull off my helmet, my wig came off with it. 

I was left with finding the best separating technique for removing wig from helmet.

Should I still rate this OPay ride well?
Sho pay me bayi?😀 🤷‍♂️