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“I know this is a special day for everyone. I’m very happy to return here and that’s the most important thing. I will be starting work tomorrow to put this club back where it deserves to be.

“It’s great to be back – not that I’ve been that far away.

“It’s a massive responsibility. I’m just one more member of the team, this club. I love football and I haven’t forgotten what we have won – but I also haven’t forgotten all the things that we did badly. I know where I am.

“I’ll put everything I have within me to make the team better.

“Things are going to change – they need to. But that’s not a priority right now. We have 11 games left, and the idea is to finish the season well.

“The first thing that entered my head when I got the phone call asking me to come back? I’ll come back – and here I am.

“I don’t have any debt to pay with Real Madrid, I don’t owe the club anything. I’m here because I want to be.

“I’ve spent [the last] nine months living here in Madrid, recharging my batteries. Now I’m ready for new challenges with this great club – the club I love,” Zidane told a press conference on Monday night.

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President Trump just tweeted again. Accused opposition party of trying to steal ballot boxes on election day. I can't help but think that maybe it's everywhere

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If you're a policeman in Dubai, then you're definitely a race car driver.

The Dubai Police Force has the largest collection of luxury cars in the world that includes the Rolls-Royce Wraith, Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche Panamera, Ford Mustang GT, Chevrolet Camaro SS and even a Bentley Continental GT. 

These super-cars equipped with the latest technology, such as advanced cameras and computers that are directly connected to the control centre, were launched to help improve the public image of the Dubai Police Force.

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Do you know that some Americans actually hate Trump to the point that they made this for use in their bathrooms? 

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Arsenal are cruising in their Europa League match against Rennes where they had to come back to make it through to the next round.

The Gunners were 3-1 down after a shock defeat in France in the first leg.

But Arsenal have turned the tie around after after netting three goals at the Emirates with massive thanks to Aubameyang.

And the Gabonese striker was in a joyous mood when he pulled out a Black Panther mask out of a bag behind the goal.

Aubameyang opened the scoring in the fifth minute after a fine cutback from Aaron Ramsey.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles doubled the scores when the former Borussia Dortmund ace floated in a perfect ball for the Arsenal academy graduate.

And the 29-year-old was on hand again to score a crucial third, meaning an away goal is not enough on its own to knock the Gunners out for Rennes.

He immediately went behind the goal where he picked up a bag containing a mask of the popular Marvel character Black Panther.

It comes not long after the much-awaited trailer for the latest film of the Avengers series was released.

Aubameyang has become famous for his use of masks in his goal celebrations.

At Dortmund, he wore a Batman mask and a Spiderman one too.

And prior to the match against Tottenham the forward hinted he was ready to bust out another disguise.

“I had a special celebration planned but I couldn’t find my mask,” he explained.

“I asked a member of the staff to put it in the back of the net but when I scored the penalty I couldn’t find it.

“But no worries. Maybe next time.”

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Facebook and Instagram appear to be partially down for some users around the world today. While you can open both platforms and some services appear to have been restored, users are reporting issues with sending messages on Messenger, posting to the feed on all Facebook products, and accessing other features on, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Even Facebook-owned Oculus VR is experiencing issues related to the outage.

Earlier in the day, WhatsApp appeared to be fine for many people, but users in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Africa and more note that they begun experiencing issues with sending messages as the afternoon went on. DownDetector indicates that those in Brazil were experiencing the most severe outages.

We tested multiple accounts at Zealnut, and found that Messenger couldn’t load at all on desktop, although the mobile app was working. Instagram is markedly worse: for some users, posts aren’t loading, Instagram Stories are down, and direct messages and the button to post new content are also not working. Facebook’s ad section was not functioning either, and it led to an internal error when you tried to buy an ad.

About an hour after users first noted the outage, Facebook responded on Twitter. It also noted that “the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.”

Instagram on desktop as of 1PM ET.

According to DownDetector, it looks like the outages are mainly in New England; Texas; Seattle, Washington; parts of Latin America, including Peru; the UK; India; and the Philippines. Users have written in from Canada, Las Vegas, Africa and Turkey to note outages there as well. We’ve reached out to Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


It now looks like Oculus is also down. One user in California wrote in to Zealnut, “Nobody can log in to any multiplayer games purchased through the Oculus store. They also can’t access their Oculus Home environments.” Users also reported being unable to buy games from the Oculus store.

Other users noted that attempting to use Facebook to sign into apps like Tinder, Zealnut or Spotify wasn’t working either. Attempting to do so would bring up an error saying this feature isn’t available right now. If you were already signed into Spotify, it appears that your login is still valid, but once you sign out, you’ll be unable to get back in.

So if you are missing facebook, remember, Zealnut has never been down!

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Sporadic looting and spontaneous protests.

Desperate patients begging doctors to be kept alive.

Residents bracing for wider attacks on markets and restaurants after the sun goes down.

Sunday was the fourth day since Venezuela’s power system went down, plunging most of the country, including Caracas, the capital, into sporadic darkness and dampening hopes of imminent resolution to a devastating blackout that has brought the country to the verge of social implosion.

“We’re going to arrive at a moment when we’re going to eat each other,” said Zuly González, 40, a resident of Caracas’ Chacao neighbourhood.

The blackout is the latest calamity to befall a country in seemingly perpetual crisis. Venezuela has been devastated for years by hyperinflation and a failing economy that has led millions to flee. But the country has been further torn since January, when opposition leaders refused to acknowledge as legitimate the re-election of President Nicolas Maduro.

On Thursday, the San Geronimo B substation in the centre of the country, which supplies electricity to 4 out of 5 Venezuelans from the massive Guri hydropower plant, went down.

No date has been set to restart the plant, and most workers were told to stay home Monday, said two of the substation’s workers and a manager at the national power monopoly, Corpoelec. Their names have been withheld to protect them from government reprisals.

The nearby San Geronimo A backup substation, which transmits much weaker current from a smaller hydropower plant, operated intermittently Sunday. Supplies from that plant and few unreliable thermoelectric plants allowed the government to send sporadic power to Caracas throughout the day.

The government said the blackout was caused by an unspecified fault at Guri, which provides 80 percent of the country’s electricity. Mr Maduro and his ministers have insisted the blackout was the result of sabotage and cyberattacks organised by the United States and the opposition, without providing any evidence.

Energy experts, Venezuelan power sector contractors and current and former Corpoelec employees have dismissed accusations of sabotage, saying the blackout was the result of years of underinvestment, corruption and brain drain.

The San Geronimo B substation connects many of Venezuela’s largest cities to the Guri hydropower plant via one of the longest high-voltage lines in the world.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters posts video of support to Venezuela with angry message to Trump

When visited Sunday, the substation’s usual buzz of high-voltage cross currents was replaced by silence. A cow roamed amid the transformers. Several National Guard soldiers and a unit of police commandos were at the substation, but no employees were there.

The substation is vital “to supply the country in a stable way,” said Luis Aguilar, a Venezuelan power industry expert based in Chicago. Its paralysis means power is unlikely to be restored nationally until Tuesday at the earliest, he said.

The government declared Monday a holiday for schools and public workers.

What caused the blackout has been a source of speculation. A Corpoelec union leader, Ali Briceño, told reporters Friday that a brush fire under a power trunk line destabilised the grid and caused Guri’s turbines to shut down. The government has struggled to restart the turbines since, he said.

Other experts, including Mr Aguilar, said the magnitude of the blackout indicated the problem was caused by a major failure inside Guri’s turbines. A Corpoelec supervisor involved in dispatching Guri’s power said he was told by the plant’s managers Thursday that the plant’s equipment had been damaged.

After analysing power levels across the country, Mr Aguilar, who consults reinsurance companies on Venezuela’s power sector, said the government had tried to restart Guri four times since the start of the blackout on Thursday.

The latest attempt led to the explosion of a secondary substation near Guri on Saturday.

“Every time they attempt to restart, they fail, and the disruption breaks something else in the system, destabilizing the grid yet further,” Mr Aguilar said. “Obviously, they are hiding something from us,” he said of the government.

Restarting the turbines requires skilled operators who can synchronise the speed of rotation on as many as nine of Guri’s operational turbines. Experts said the most experienced operators have since left the company because of meagre wages and an atmosphere of paranoia fed by Mr Maduro’s ever-present secret police.

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Two teenagers have opened fire at a school in south-eastern Brazil, killing at least seven students and one employee, police say.

The shooting happened at about 09:30 local time when the students were on a break at the state school in Suzano, near São Paulo.

At least 10 other people have been wounded. Police say the hooded gunmen killed themselves after the attack.

While gun crime is common in Brazil, shootings of this nature are not.

The school has some 1,000 primary and secondary students, aged between six and 18.

The identities of the victims and the alleged attackers - who were said to be former students at the school - have not yet been released.

The motive for the shooting is not clear, police say.

"I was in the classroom during our break. I thought [the sound] was from bombs. When I realized they were gunshots, I stayed there. I only left when the police arrived," teacher Sandra Perez told O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper (in Portuguese).

São Paulo state governor João Doria tweeted that the victims had been "cruelly murdered".

"When I arrived at the school... it was chaotic. Teachers, workers, everybody was running," Juliano Simões de Santana, who lives near the school, told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper (in Portuguese).


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Angry because his single YouTube video on how to get rich quickly had been taken down, 33-year-old Kyle Long drove more than 3,300 miles from his home in Waterville, Maine, to Google's headquarters in California, intent on convincing the tech giant to restore his account.

But what Long didn't know, relatives told BuzzFeed News, was that the video and his account had been deleted not by YouTube, but his wife. Concerned about his mental state, she deleted the "rambling" and "bizarre" video.

"I just didn't tell him it was me taking it down because I didn't want him losing his shit in front of my kids," Samantha Long, his wife, told BuzzFeed News. "He was mad initially, but I said I didn't know what happened."

Long's wife and father said the 33-year-old has had a history of mental health issues and became fixated on the video, telling friends and family he planned to talk to Google executives about it and was sure that his ideas would result in the company paying him millions of dollars.

"He came up with this crazy idea to make everyone millionaires," Kevin Long, his father, said. "He had good intentions — he wanted to solve world hunger and this and that. It was bizarre and crazy, and it wasn't going to happen."

When the video was deleted, his wife said, Long believed it was removed by YouTube officials and he decided to pitch the contents directly to the company.

Instead, Kyle Long was arrested Sunday by Mountain View police in California on suspicion of making threats against Google.

Google declined to comment on the matter.

The incident comes nearly a year after another YouTuber opened fire at the company's headquarters, injuring three people before killing herself in San Bruno.

That shooter had driven to YouTube's headquarters from San Diego after she alleged the company "discriminated and filtered" her vegan and animal rights videos.

A spokesperson for Mountain View police told BuzzFeed News that Kyle Long didn't threaten specific people at Google, but that the Maine resident had "made general threats of violence towards unknown people if the meeting regarding his YouTube channel didn't go as he wanted it to."

Samantha Long said her husband's idea of approaching Google officials about the video wasn't initially to confront them about the deletion, but to pitch the content of the video directly, thinking it would lead to an immediate payout from Google executives.

"He made me sit down, and he did a mock presentation to me," Samantha Long said.

After what he was sure to be a billion-dollar payout, she said, he planned to head down to Mexico with his fortune.

Samantha said she tried to talk him out of it and explain to him that YouTube would not pay him for the idea, but he would have none of it.

"You can't talk Kyle down from anything if he's got his mindset," she said. "He told me that I didn't know what I was talking about, and that I didn't have the mind that he has — that I'm not open minded and I'm basic."

Mountain View Police Department

Kyle Long


So Kyle Long left their Maine home and headed originally toward Boston, she said, looking for Google offices there.

When he couldn't find them, she said, he called her from Kansas and told her he was on his way to the company headquarters in California.

By then, Mountain View police officers had already been on the lookout after getting warnings from their counterparts in Waterville, Maine, and the Iowa State Patrol about the cross-country trip.

Iowa State Patrol officers had spoken to Kyle Long twice, once after he was involved in a noninjury crash and another time for allegedly vandalizing gas station restroom.

The 33-year-old told a state trooper that he was on his way to Mountain View to talk to Google executives about his YouTube channel.

That prompted the agency to contact Mountain View police, after the trooper felt "something wasn't right when Long began talking about how upset he was at Google," the spokesperson said.

Waterville Police Deputy Chief William Bonney told BuzzFeed News they then received a call Sunday that Long was in California, and they passed the information along to Mountain View police.

When Kyle Long was taken into custody Sunday, police said they found three baseball bats inside his car.

Kevin Long said his son may have been upset, but never mentioned resorting to violence.

"All he wanted was to get [the video] back online," he said. "Something is wrong with him."

Samantha Long said he was upset over the video, but she never heard him threaten the company.

"Do I think he would have hurt anybody at Google, absolutely not," she said. "He was just trying to make the world a better place."

As for the three bats, she said their three kids play in little league, Long plays in a softball league, and she's sure they were accompanied by baseballs and gloves.

Samantha Long hasn't talked to her husband in days, but hopes the arrest might lead to him getting the help he needs.

"He's not a bad guy at all, and he's a great father," she said. "But when he's manic, you know, everything is wrong and he is right."

Sunday's arrest is not the first time Kyle Long has been in trouble with the law, something that his father attributed to his mental health.

At the age of 16, Kyle Long was convicted in the death of his friend, Michael Butler, when he crashed into a pole while intoxicated.

"When he got out everything seemed fine, but that's when the nightmares started," Kevin Long said.

His son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he said, and he continued to have encounters with police when he stopped taking his medication.

In 2015, after he led police in a slow-speed pursuit on an interstate, Kevin Long said Kyle told him he thought he was receiving a presidential escort, which is why he didn't pull over.

"I just know it's been a mess and it's been a revolving door," he said. "He goes to jail and he gets no help."

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Cristiano Ronaldo has had some legendary nights over the course of his incredible Champions League career. It's possible, though, that none have been as legendary as the one on Tuesday night.

Juventus went into their last-16 second-leg clash against Atletico Madrid needing something of a miracle to qualify for the next round, having lost 2-0 in the Spanish capital three weeks ago.

Atletico are widely regarded as having the best defence in world football. They're experienced, tactically astute and they had not conceded a goal for over a month. Indeed, they were on a run of five consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League BUT there is Ronaldo who happens to be a champions League GOAT in the Juventus TEAM and the difference was definitely CR7 on the night!

Enjoy the highlight:

Else where, Manchester city also qualified for the next round after trashing Schalke 04 by 7 goals to Nil, taking the aggregate score to 10-2

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This is so beautiful, I'm not sure if it's real cuz it doesn't look likely that evening sunset will come when there is so much snow... 

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Miami police arrested UFC star Conor McGregor Monday evening after he allegedly stole and smashed a fan’s phone outside a Miami Beach hotel, the Miami Herald reports.

A police spokesman told The Herald that McGregor is being charged with felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The alleged incident occurred around 5 a.m. as the fan was taking photos outside the Fontainebleau, which is home to prominent Miami night club LIV.

Alleged incident occurred over photo

Police say McGregor “slapped” the phone out of the fan’s hand and stomped on it several times after the fan took a picture. McGregor then picked the phone up and walked away with it, according to the report.

Police told the Herald that there is surveillance video of the alleged incident and that they decided to arrest McGregor after investigating.

McGregor’s lawyer Samuel Rabin told The Herald in a statement that his client “was involved in a minor altercation involving a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement.”

More trouble for McGregor

This is McGregor’s second arrest in less than a year after last April’s attack that saw him hurl a guardrail, dolly and chairs at a bus at the Barclay’s Center in New York during UFC 223 media day.

The attack left multiple people injured, including UFC fighter Michael Chiesa, who was forced him to withdraw from his scheduled UFC 223 fight against Anthony Pettis.

The incident happened after UFC head Dana White announced that McGregor would no longer be lightweight champion after the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway.

McGregor pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to community service and anger management classes in a deal that allowed him to escape 12 criminal charges that could have resulted in up to seven years in prison.

Chiesa filed a civil lawsuit against McGregor seeking damages for “severe emotional distress, mental trauma and/or bodily harm.”

McGregor recently finished sentence for bus incident

McGregor reportedly completed his community service from that incident last week.

Since the bus incident, McGregor lost to Nurmagomedov in a title fight at UFC 229 that devolved into chaos when Nurmagomedov leapt over the cage after submitting McGregor to attack McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis, who was reportedly taunting him throughout the fight.

Two members of Nurmagomedov’s corner then leapt into the cage to attack McGregor. The incident was the culmination of an ugly fight buildup that saw McGregor hurl insults at Nurmagomedov and his team.

Three members of Nurmagomedov’s team were arrested and released after McGregor declined to press charges.

McGregor was booked in a Miami-Dade County jail on Monday evening. He was later released on $12,500 bond.

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“I know this is a special day for everyone. I’m very happy to return here and that’s the most important thing. I will be starting work tomorrow to put this club back where it deserves to be.

“It’s great to be back – not that I’ve been that far away.

“It’s a massive responsibility. I’m just one more member of the team, this club. I love football and I haven’t forgotten what we have won – but I also haven’t forgotten all the things that we did badly. I know where I am.

“I’ll put everything I have within me to make the team better.

“Things are going to change – they need to. But that’s not a priority right now. We have 11 games left, and the idea is to finish the season well.

“The first thing that entered my head when I got the phone call asking me to come back? I’ll come back – and here I am.

“I don’t have any debt to pay with Real Madrid, I don’t owe the club anything. I’m here because I want to be.

“I’ve spent [the last] nine months living here in Madrid, recharging my batteries. Now I’m ready for new challenges with this great club – the club I love,” Zidane told a press conference on Monday night.

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World's Most Expensive New Car - BUGATTI LA VOITURE NOIRE

Price: €16.7m (about 6.7 billion naira) 

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This got me. Lol

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Singing superstar Jennifer Lopez and retired baseball great Alex Rodriguez have been one of the most glam celebrity couples in recent years. Fans, get ready: a J-Rod wedding is on the cards.

Lopez and Rodriguez confirmed on Instagram late on March 9 that they are engaged. Both posted a picture of their hands at sunset, with Lopez's enormous diamond ring.

While the multi-hyphenate singer-actress-dancer-producer only captioned the pic with heart emojis, Rodriguez went a bit farther, writing in lower-case letters: "she said yes."

Lopez, 49, and Rodriguez, 43, have been a couple for about two years.

Lopez, currently the executive producer and judge on NBC reality dance competition show "World of Dance," is set to go on tour later this year across North America. She wrapped up a Vegas residency in 2018.

She has been married three times: to Ojani Noa, back-up dancer Cris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has 11-year-old twins. She also had a high-profile relationship with actor Ben Affleck.

Rodriguez retired from Major League Baseball in 2016, after a lengthy career, mostly with the New York Yankees. He won one World Series title with the Yankees and was an All-Star 14 times.

His achievements were tarnished by his admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs. He was suspended for the entire 2014 season.

Rodriguez currently works as an on-air baseball analyst.

He has been married once. He and ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis have two daughters.


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Zeal Puzzle

 Damn... It's a month of ideas!

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People cling to the past as if it can save them... Mtweee

Relics of dying age...


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A man has been mauled to death by a lion caged at his family home in the eastern Czech Republic.
Michal Prasek owned the nine-year-old big cat and another lioness for breeding, reportedly drawing concern from local residents.

Mr Prasek's father found his body in the lion's cage and told local media it had been locked from the inside.
The animals - living in separate pens - were shot dead by police called to the scene.
A police spokesperson told local media that the shootings were "absolutely necessary for them to get to the man".
Mr Prasek, 33, bought the lion in 2016 and the lioness last year, and kept them both in home-made enclosures in his back yard in the village of Zdechov.
He had previously been denied planning permission to build the pens, and was subsequently fined for illegal breeding.
But his conflict with the authorities reached a stalemate after he refused to let anyone onto his property.
A lack of alternative facilities in the Czech Republic, or any evidence of animal cruelty, also meant the lions could not be forcibly removed.
Mr Prasek made headlines last summer after a cyclist collided with the lioness as he was taking her for a walk on a leash.
After intervention by police, the incident was deemed a traffic accident.
"Today's incident will perhaps finally help to resolve this long-term problem," said Zdechov mayor Tomas Kocourek.

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R Kelly broke down in tears and exploded with anger as he denied sexually abusing underage girls in his first interview since being charged.

The R&B singer turns to the camera and says “I didn’t do this stuff” and that he is “fighting for my f****** life” as he is quizzed over a string of allegations.

Kelly, who has been released on bail after being arrested in Chicago on February 22, was asked by CBS This Morning’s Gayle King if he held women against their will.

“That's stupid,” he replied. “Quit playing, I didn’t do this stuff,” the pop star continued as he tearfully denied the accusations in an excerpt of the interview aired on Tuesday.

"Use your common sense. Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me," Kelly said. "Hate me if you want to, love me if you want. But just use your common sense. 

“How stupid would it be for me, with my crazy past and what I've been through - oh right now I just think I need to be a monster, and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement, and don't let them eat, and don't let them out." 

When King persisted in questioning, Kelly angrily responded: "Stop it. Quit playing! Quit playing! I didn't do this stuff! This is not me!"

He broke down in tears as he hit his hands together and said: "I'm fighting for my f****** life." 

Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008 that centered on a graphic video that prosecutors said showed him having sex with a girl as young as 13.

"For one, I beat my case. When you beat something you beat it. You can't double jeopardy me like that. It's not fair," Kelly also told King during the interview.

Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for two Kelly accusers, responded to Kelly's "double jeopardy" comment Tuesday on Twitter. 

"He fails to understand that it doesn't matter `how long ago' it happened. And he also has no clue as to how `double jeopardy' works," the attorney tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, Avenatti addresses the emotion that Kelly shows in the interview: "R. Kelly's tears are out of fear and despair. Because he knows that after over two decades of sexually abusing underage girls, we blew this wide open and have him and his enablers dead to rights."

Kelly was indicted on February 22 in a Chicago courtroom on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four victims, three of whom were underage at the time the alleged crimes were committed.

If convicted, the singer could face a maximum prison sentence of 70 years, 7 years for each count. 

The singer has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

More of the interview will air Wednesday and Thursday on CBS This Morning.

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