Do you know that grapes explode when you put them in the microwave?

Can you just a world where people are suffering someone is designing herself with GOLD....I mean how many of dis things can she wear that on her body at a time.

..Vanity is Vanity

Did you know part of you came from the Universe ?

Fear them @yemight_quotes 

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I like the mutual respect btw these two despite their religious and regional differences. If only they respect Nigerians the same way. 

Good day everyone, I saw this viral video yesterday where Busola Dakolo, wife to the popular musician, Timi Dakolo accused a pastor of rape. 

This rape of a thing, it's becoming rampant in the country. What do you think about this? Could she be lying? Because the pastor had written a press released denying the accusation. 

Let's Gist. 

Don't pull anyone down and at the same time, don't let anyone pull you down. 


What do you all think?

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I sleep at the roof of my car just to prove that hotels are sucker - says a journalist Mark Hogan... 

My question is... Instead of going through the trouble of making this tent at the roof of an SUV car, why don't you simply sleep inside?! 

Let's see how the video works

Happy Easter Guys

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